Ambassador of Rostov-on-Don visited the Brazilian Football Confederation

22 fevereiro 2018

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the organization in Rio de Janeiro. According to Victoria Lopyreva, the reason for the visit was the experience that the country has in the field of international competitions. "We are now preparing for the World Cup and can only guess how everything will happen. And it was interesting for me to get acquainted with people who have already received this experience. And see what happens now, after the end of the event, at what points should pay attention, "she said.

At the meeting with her were present and. about. President of the Brazilian Football Confederation Antonio Carlos Nunes de Lima, Secretary General of the organization Walter Feldman, head coach of the Brazil national football team Tite and Consul General of the Russian Federation in Rio de Janeiro Vladimir Tokmakov. The hosts gave Lopyreva a T-shirt of the Brazilian national team, on which her name was named Victoria.

The ambassador noted that the Brazilians were actively interested in Rostov-on-Don, because it was there that the first game of five-time world champions with the team of Switzerland was held. " I, of course, told that it is a wonderful city, which I love very much, which is famous for its hospitality, because it is the south of Russia, " said Lopyreva. " I proudly call it the southern capital of Russia, and I sincerely hope that our Brazilian guests will enjoy our city, because we were preparing. As the ambassador of the World Championship, I see the main task for myself personally to invite the Brazilians to Russia. If someone has any questions, I'm ready to answer them, but for me the most important thing is that they come to us and see what we are like and how we live, they saw that we love guests and we have something to show . These are historical attractions, and modern infrastructure built for the World Cup".

Secretary-General of the Brazilian Football Confederation Walter Feldman expressed the hope that the football championship will become for some countries of the world one more reason to learn more about Russia. "Brazil is well aware of the so-called Western world. Russia is in the middle, you have a noticeably great influence of Asia. You are a country with a culture, with traditions that are sometimes less familiar to the West, " he said.


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