"Top-10" tourist routes in the Rostov region for guests of the 2018 FIFA World Cup

19 janeiro 2018

We present you the recommended directions for walks and acquaintance to Rostov-on-Don - the host city of the FIFA World Cup. Routes are absolutely near places of an event attraction - Rostov Arena stadium and the fan zone on Theatre Square. A tour routes are universal for independent acquaintance to the city.

For those who will decide to exceed the limit of "the attraction radius" of stadium and the fan zone more long excursion routes are prepared. If you wish to see the sights of the Rostov region in breaks between matches, we offer sightseeing tours in Old Cherkassk, Chaltyr, Azov, Novocherkassk and Taganrog.

Tour route 1. The European Rostov. From the park to the park

Walk on the main street of Rostov-on-Don - Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, from the fan zone on Theatre Square to the park of Maxim Gorky. At the beginning of the 20th century this street was compared to capital Nevsky Avenue. The multi-storey profitable buildings built on projects of outstanding architects reminded travelers the European cities. These buildings are decoration of the city also today. The route begins with visit of the park of the October revolution. The most noticeable here is the big wheel "One sky". The magnificent panorama on a zadonye and the historic center of Rostov-on-Don opens from big wheel's height (65 m).

Photo: Demkov Denis

Photo: Demkov Denis

Photo: Demkov Denis

Photo: Demkov Denis

Further we continue a way to the main street along which you will meet different parks and squares you will meet: the park of a name on May 1, Pokrovsky square, square on the areas of Councils and the oldest city park of Maxim Gorky. Also on the way we meet four universities, the Rostov regional museum of local lore, the museum "Sholokhov Center", the magnificent building of the City administration. The city history has remained in each of them. And names of restaurants on Bolshaya Sadovaya Street speak about themselves: "Rostov-father", "New York", "Pauling", "Pancho" and many others.

Route extent - 3 km. Route duration - 3 hours.

Tour route 2. With love to the Don-Batiushka

Walking tour begins in the Pokrovsky square on Bolshaya Sadovaya st. (1 km from the fan zone on Theatre Square). The monument to the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna is established here. Elizaveta Petrovna became the foundress of the city of Rostov-on-Don.

You will get acquainted with the past and the present of the city of Rostov-on-Don. During the excursion you learn about Peter I's role in the history of Don region, about the Rostov merchants, history of the embankment and Don River, on one of which sites there passes the geographical boundary between Europe and Asia.

The route passes on Bogatyanovsky descent from the Rich source which has given rise to the city to the Don River Embankment. A lot of new sculptures "The successful fisherman", "Cancer", "Artist", "Don-father", "Grigory and Aksinya in the boat" and familiar for a long time "Ded Schoucar", "Nakhalenok", "Rostovchanka" are established here. Monuments to Maxim Gorky, to Mikhail Sholokhov, the bust to the Admiral Ushakov are built on the embankment.

At will it is possible to make motor vessel walk up the Don River (about 1 hour). The route comes to the end at restaurant "Portland"(descent of Budennovsky Ave.).

Route extent – 3,5 km. Route duration - 2,5 hours.

Tour route 3. Rostov baizes

Excursion walks on the green boulevard - Pushkinskaya Street from the fan zone (Theatre square) to the city-garden (the park of Maxim Gorky).

The route passes on the central boulevard of the city by the old mansions of the 19th century keeping the secrets of former owners, and numerous small restaurants, candy stores and cafe. Here are: the biggest in the south of Russia the Don public library, the Blagoveshchensk Greek temple, monuments to the Don writers: To V. Zakrutkin, M. Sholokhov, A. Kalinin, A. Chekhov, Russian poet A. Pushkin, Soviet poet V. Vysotsky. Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts and art gallery "NNN" is located on Pushkinskaya Street.

Route extent - 3 km. Route duration - 2,5 hours.

Tour route 4. Bar mile

Walking tour on Gazetny Lane from Golodranets bar (2 km from the fan zone on the Theater Square) before crossing from Gorky St. (quarter of entertainments "Tabachka").

At all times about Rostov-on-Don spoke as about the noisy and multinational city where different cultures including gastronomic peacefully adjoin. Here it is possible to visit bars of the old city: "Beggar", "Svoy bar", "Side By Side", "Shine", sidreriya of "Mr.Fox", "Wine Time bar", "Kinza".

Route extent - 800 m.

Tour route 5. Lewberdon's restaurant mile

Walking tour on the Left coast of Don from Rostov Arena stadium.

The Left coast of Don sung in the song is one of symbols of Rostov-on-Don. The infinite series of entertainments existing here already almost half a century. 

The route passes on the embankment by the city beach, sports zones, down the street Levoberejnaya with visit of cafe and restaurants ("Tower", Gostiny Dvor, Nairi, Astoria, "A blue wave", "The high coast", "The Petrovsky mooring") and amicable glorification of the southern capital, Don River, the Don and world sport.

Route extent - 4,5 km.

Tour route 6. Traditions of the Don Cossacks

Bus excursion to the former capital of the Don Cossacks - the village Old Cherkassk (The Aksay district). The route passes through the city of Rostov, Aksay, the floodplain of the Don River. The program is devoted to acquaintance to the culture of the Don Cossacks, immersion in color of Don region. You will be able to look at objects of the Old Cherkassk architectural memorial estate with visit of the Atamansky farmstead, to make pedestrian walk on the former floor space by the Cossack huts to the Maidan where there is the first stone Orthodox church to Dona - Army Resurrection Cathedral (18th century).

Besides, in the village it is possible to examine church of Saint apostles Pyotr and Pavel, church of the Icon of the Mother of God Donskoy, a traditional fair of souvenirs. The excursion gives complete idea of history, traditions, life, feats and life of the Don Cossacks in the period of XVI - the beginnings of the XX centuries. At will it is possible to pass a dedication ceremony in the Don Cossacks and to try dishes of the Cossack cuisine.

Route extent in one party from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Theatre Square) to the village Old Cherkassk - 32 km.

Tour route 7. Traditions of the Don Armenians

Bus excursion tour to the village of Chaltyr (Myasnikovsky district).

In 1799 on the Don earth have moved the Armenian population from the Crimea on command of the empress Ekaterina II. Since then the Armenian settlements among which and the village of Chaltyr conduct the history. The Crimean immigrants more than two centuries actively participate in economy of Don region, carefully store language and belief of the ancestors, enriching with it local color.

We recommend to you to visit the historical and ethnographic museum, Saint Ambartsum's church, to try the well-known chaltyrsky shish kebab and dishes of Armenian cuisine in one of numerous family cafes or restaurants.

Route extent in one party from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Theatre Square) to the settlement of Chaltyr - 23 km.

Tour route 8. Azak on the Great Silk Way (a treasure of the city)

Bus excursion to the most ancient city of the Don region - Azov.

The city was founded in 1067. At various times Azov was also a trading station of the Venetian and Genoa merchants (Tang), both fortress of the Golden Horde (Azak), and the Turkish fortress. History of the Cossack military feats was become by the well-known Azov obsidional sitting of the Don Cossacks of 1641. The Russian military fleet was born in the second campaign of Peter I on the Turkish fortress Azov (1696).

The route passes across the left coast of Don. On arrival in Azov pedestrian walk on Petrovsky Boulevard with an exit to the observation deck to the Don River and rise to ramparts will take place. We recommend to visit the Azov historical and archaeological and paleontologic memorial estate where unique exhibits of the largest collections in the south of Russia, including gold treasures of nomads and also restaurant of historical kitchen "Rampart" are presented.

Route extent in one party from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Theatre Square) to Azov - 40 km.

Tour route 9. Novocherkassk is the World capital of the Cossacks

Bus excursion to the capital of the world Cossacks - the city of Novocherkassk.

Novocherkassk has been put in 1805 as the capital of the Cossacks. This status keeps and today. The city has been built on the best European samples of town planning. Patriarchal Voznesensky army vsekazachy cathedral, triumphal arches, cases of the Don Cossack military school of Alexander III, the atamansky palace and the museum of history of the Don Cossacks have remained on city streets in original state noble mansions. Monuments to the Cossack atamans Yermak, Matvei Platov, Yakov Baklanov remind of nice fighting history of the Don Cossacks.

Route extent in one party from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Theatre Square) to Novocherkassk – 40 km.

Tour route 10. Taganrog is the city by the sea

Bus excursion to writer Anton Chekhov's homeland in the city of Taganrog, located on the shore of the Taganrog Gulf of the Azov Sea. The route passes along the right bank of the Don.

The city was founded according to the idea of ​​Peter I. A large commercial port was built here. Until now, the cozy streets of Italian and Greek mansions, magnificent buildings of the XIX century, a unique stone staircase, the oldest park in the south of Russia, monuments to Peter I and Alesander I have survived in the streets of Taganrog.

To the whole world the city is known as the birthplace of the outstanding Russian writer and playwright A. P. Chekhov. Chekhov's house, a gymnasium and a shop where the writer's childhood spent are the part of the Taganrog State Literary and Historical Museum-Reserve. On the Taganrog embankment you can not only breathe the sea air, but also visit cozy restaurants and cafes.

The length of the route is one way from the fan zone (Rostov-on-Don, Teatralnaya Square) to Taganrog - 76 km


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