Sholokhovskiy District

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346270, Rostov region village Veshenskaya, Sholokhov st., 54.
Phone number: (86311) 2-13-05. 

Geographic Outline

Sholokhovskiy District is situated to the northeast of Rostov region. To the south it boarders with Bokovskiy, to the west – with Verkhnedonskiy districts of Rostov region, to the north and east – with the Volgograd region.
The district administrative center is village Veshenskaya, one of the oldest Cossacks villages on the Don land. The first reference of the settlement Veshka, founded by the Don Cossacks, is dated back to 1640. The village Veshenskaya is located at the Don River bank, 950 km away from the river mouth. The distance from the district administrative center to Rostov-on-Don is 360 km, to the nearest regional town of Millerovo – 150 km, to Volgograd – 451 km, to Moscow – 981 km.


The district history is more than 300 years old. Before the revolution of 1917, the district territory constituted a part of the Don Cossack Army’s Donetsk circuit. The Veshenskiy district was established due to the new administrative division in 1924. To commemorate the famous Russian writer M.A. Sholokhov, June 4, 1984, by the Decree of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet Presidium, the Veshenskiy district of Rostov region was renamed into Sholokhovskiy, with the administrative center in village Veshenskaya.
The first references of the settlement Veshenskaya date back to the Ivan the Terrible epoch. The Cossacks inhabiting the settlement protected the boarders from the Tatar and Mongol tribe raids. The village Veshki witnessed many historical events of Russia. The village citizens participated in the Stepan Razin, Pugachev and Bulavin rebellions. Peter the Great campaigns to village Reshetovskaya and Elanskaya passed through this settlement.
The Cossacks from the Veshenskaya village participated in the “Indian Campaign”, in the Patriotic War of 1812 and in many other military campaigns of the Russian Empire.


The district main trades are represented by agricultural and industrial enterprises, service and construction industries. Although the district fields are located in the unsteady farming zone, the agricultural specimen production is rather developed. The district grain producers specialize in winter wheat, sunflower, winter rye, spring wheat and millet, corn, barley, leguminous and technical plants.
The district industrial enterprises include 8 large and medium scale enterprises, 8 small scale enterprises and 7 private organizations.


Sholokhovskiy District’s location is remote from the major regional industrial centers and transportation trunks. Nevertheless, the highly developed tourism sphere contributes to the
transportation infrastructure development. The village Veshenskaya is connected with other regional and district towns and settlements by asphalted motorways. The main regional roads on the district territory are “Millerovo – Veshenskaya” and “Veshenskaya - Kazanskaya”. Besides, the district territory is covered by 9 district motorways and 6 rural roads.
The distance from village Veshenskaya to the nearest railway station Millerovo on the line “Moscow - Baku” is 150 km.
A municipal airport is located at the district administrative center territory. The distance from Veshenskaya to the Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 360 km, to the Volgodonsk river port – 467 km, to the Azov and Taganrog seaports – 430 km and 442 km correspondingly.

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