On Don the exhibition of the Italian artists will open

29 novembro 2015

The works will be presented by brothers Rozamilya and Lino Vayretti.
In the Taganrog art museum the exhibition of four Italian artists under the name "I Rosamilia + Vairetti" the works on which will expose three brothers of Rozamilya – to Peppa, Enzo and Fernando, - and also Lino Vayretti will open. The first are graduates of Academy of fine arts in Naples, artists, teachers and participants of the international exhibitions. Lino Vayretti is a sculptor, the artist and the musician (a rock group "Hosanna").
It should be noted that the such exhibition will take place in the Rostov region for the first time. As it will pass in Taganrog, each of authors devoted one of the works to the city and its most famous inhabitant – to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. These works will be presented in gift to the city. We will remind, however, that Enzo Rosamiglija this year already exposed in the Taganrog museum the works within the actions devoted to Chekhov's anniversary.
The I Rosamilia + Vairetti exhibition will be open from November 4 to November 29.


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