To Rostov there will arrive show of the Argentina tango

03 dezembro 2015

Residents of Rostov will be the first residents of Russia who will see it with own eyes.
Musical and dancing show of the Argentina tango of "Noches de Buenos Aires" goes to Russia for the first time with tours. And the theater of Maxim Gorky in Rostov-on-Don will become the first theater where masters from the Argentine Republic will show the art of command of the language of a body.
The Don public will be addressed by talented choreographers, founders of "Tango Rouge Company" and world champions Nery Piliu and Shanine Quiñones. As organizers of show in Russia tell, couple every time at concerts causes delight of public.
"Show will tell about history of a legendary Argentina tango, the dance birth on streets of Buenos Aires and its way to the world recognition. It is constructed round a fascinating plot which not only comprises the drama, but also causes live emotions and laughter, and also is impregnated with incendiary rhythms of a tango", - they explain.
From the Russian cities of show it will be presented only in Rostov-on-Don and Moscow. In the Don capital it will take place on December 3. Cost of tickets: 1000-5000 rubles. It is possible to get them in cash desks of theater.


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