25 outubro 2015

On October 25, 2015 the Open sporting knife fight tournament in Rostov-on-Don will take place. This action will collect a huge number of participants from the different cities of Russia. 
Some years in Rostov-on-Don not only exists, but also the branch of the International Federation of the mixed single combats of S.P.A.S actively develops. In spite of the fact that in its walls there is a complex preparation according to different programs (shock self-defense, bases of personal security, etc.), one of the main directions developed in section is SPORTING KNIFE FIGHT. 
The Sporting Knife Fight (SKF) is a new sport and as if it didn't seem to the strange, but at the moment Russia – the leader in part of development of sporting knife fight. And it not the mere words reinforced by patriotic sentiments, and the fact.
In the south of Russia sporting knife fight actively began to develop relatively recently, approximately since 2012. In 2012 Belorechensky Cossack society at the initiative of G. Butorin and with assistance of administration of the Belorechensky region hold the first Open tournament on knife fight devoted to Day of Heroes of the Fatherland on which begin gets acquainted representatives South section NB. Despite a small amount of participants then it became clear that the beginning of a serious and important issue is necessary. From this point similar tournaments of steel it is held systematically not only in the city of Belorechensk, but also other cities of the South of Russia.
Same year passed the first training camps of nozhevik of the South of Russia on sporting basis in Sochi, and already following collections in 2015 were lit with several largest TV channels and brought together representatives from Rostov, Sochi, Krasnodar, Abinsk, Moscow, Belorechensk, Mines.


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