Info mass-media tour “Sweet Don land!”

12 outubro 2008

Info mass-media tour “Sweet Don land!”

The info mass-media tour is organized on October 9-12 2008, by the tour agency “Don line” (Cossack village Veshenskaya, Sholokhov District) with the support from the Ministry of Economics, Trade, International and External Economic Relations of Rostov Region, local administration of the Sholokhov District; the purpose of the tour is the Don land tourism products’ promotion and development of the internal and external tourism in the Sholokhov District.

Tour agencies and the specialized mass-media representatives are welcomed to participate in the “Sweet Don land!” info mass-media tour, the applications for participation are accepted by the tour agency “Don line” till September 10.

The contact phone numbers of the info mass media tour sponsors: (86353) 24-2-09, 8-928-601-88-06; department of the tourism development at the regional ministry of economics 269-77-97.


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