The open museum forum takes place at the Sholokhov's Homeland for the first time

08 julho 2008

       The Sixth Open Museum Forum for the museum representatives from all parts of Russia takes place in Cossack village Veshenskaya of Rostov region, at the Michael Sholokhov’s Homeland, on August 6-14. The information was provided by the vice-director of the Sholokhov preserve museum Yuri Demin.

       “The Museum Forum is the contest of contemporary existing museum projects, it is held in different parts of our country every year, this year the forum will take place in Rostov region for the first time”, - said Demin.

       Within the forum, the Sholokhov preserve museum will organize open professional master-classes. The winners of the forum have the chance to represent their project at the annual museum festival in Croatia.

       The forum will also feature the land-art workshop “The novel in the open air”. “The aim of the project is the overcoming of the hackneyed interpretation of the literature material and introduction a new reading of the novel “Quiet Don”.


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