Regional Theatrical Fest "Treasures of the Don Steppes"

15 agosto 2008

        The Regional Theatrical Fest "Treasures of the Don Steppes", dedicated to the Archeologists’ Day, is organized in Rostov-on-Don by the Rostov regional museum of local lore on August 15, with the support from the Ministry of Economics, Trade, International and External Economic Relations of Rostov Region.

        For decades, the Archeologists’ Day was celebrated as a professional holiday by the scientists-archeologists, museums’ personnel, students of the historic faculties and antique devotees. The fest program features presentation of the following exhibitions: "Treasures of the Don Steppes" (archeological finds of the recent period), “Antiques of the Don Land” (works of painting, graphic and applied art), antique armory and weapons; briefing for the mass media representatives, video presentations about the most famous archeological places of interest in Rostov region. The audience is welcomed to watch the theatrical performance “Antique Marketplace” and participate in the show.

       The time and location of the Theatrical Fest: 10 a.m – 5 p.m., the Rostov regional museum of local lore.


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