Exhibition "City of Robots" is in Rostov-on-Don

03 dezembro 2017

Many technologies at the exhibition "City of Robots" you will see for the first time. The shopping mall "Megamag" assembled robots from China, Japan, Australia and even Russia. And Russian robots are one of the most interesting! You will see this when you get to know the newest robot Vanya and the most kraisvoy (in her own words) girl-robot Kiki.

Come to the "City of Robots" to play with the legendary AIBO dogs, communicate with humanoid robots, control a walking house and even draw in space! These and other games with robots are included in the ticket price, each one can be photographed, and some even hug.

What to do at the exhibition "City of Robots"?

  • Play with the robot dog.
  • Dance with a robot crab.
  • To chase on machines with artificial intelligence.
  • Draw a 3D pen.
  • To please the robot-companion.
  • See a performance from robots - a show of lightning.
  • To joke, talk, ask anything from the robots of the last generation of Kiki, Basil, Ivan and Valera. These robots like to communicate and will gladly answer all your questions!
  • Try 8 virtual reality zones: deep-sea diving, driving in a real racing chair, traveling to Norway, roller coasters and others!
  • See how a huge robot house walks.
  • To see a robot theater with dances of robots-acrobats and robots-spiders.

And even this is not all!
The exhibition is held in the
shopping mall "Megamag" at the address: Rostov-on-Don, st. Poimennaya, 1.


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