Opening of the exhibition "Rethinking Paris"

07 novembro 2017

We invite you to the opening ceremony of the exhibition "Rethinking Paris" on November 9 at 19:30! The exhibition, organized by the Alliance Française in the framework of the festival "French Autumn", will last until November 30.

Created by the Museum of Urbanism and Architecture of Paris, following the results of a large-scale international competition, the exhibition Rethinking Paris, implemented under the guidance of the Paris-based Algoé Consulting Agency, presents the best professional developments in the field of urban planning and architecture, whose authors showed the results of their reflections on the city of the future.

In November 2014, the municipality of Paris came up with an unusual, bold initiative, inviting designers, urbanists and investors of various levels to take part in the tender for innovative urban projects "Rethinking Paris," which was the first global event designed to present a different view of the concept and construction of the city of tomorrow.

Within one year, 23 objects belonging to the city were placed at the disposal of professionals who were able to translate their talent and realize unique projects. "Before a city like Paris, there are numerous challenges, and in order to adequately accept them, the city must tirelessly go unchecked paths."

More than 800 teams of 15 different nationalities, consisting of architects, landscape designers, real estate specialists, engineers, as well as owners of start-ups, farmers, chefs, anthropologists, artists, philosophers, fashion designers, industrialists, power engineers, association members, owners of coastal areas and just residents of the city.

The project "Rethink Paris" provides for the construction of 150,000 m2, of which more than 1,300 m2 are living quarters and 60,000 m2 are space for coworking and offices, 4 hotels and 3 hostels, one swimming pool, and 26,000 m2 of green territory.

Innovations of any kind - constructive, social, architectural, ecological, technological, legal, financial or custom - appear in various forms and are implemented at all stages of construction and operation. Aquaponica, co-owners' society, co-construction, Naj-technology, recycling of materials, concrete, air purifying, vegetable concrete, photovoltaic concrete, biofacades, cellulose bricks, energy-saving concrete slabs, urban farms, coffe, coving and cowling spaces, incubators, third places, city campsites ... - the number of decisions that sometimes combined with each other, countless.

There is something to see!


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