Car rent

Car rentals can be needed in various circumstances: organizing a grand event, family trip or business trip. The benefit of the modern car rental market in Rostov-on-Don allows you to realize almost any of your desire. It is enough only to use a special form of electronic search, and all available options for your city will appear on your monitor. Online car reservation services allow you to compare the offers of various companies in real time, which, accordingly, significantly facilitates the choice. To reserve a car you need to contact the landlord and create an appropriate request. Later on, based on your reservation, a lease agreement will be drawn up - legal confirmation of the transaction. Usually, the procedure for booking and signing an arena agreement takes no more than 10 minutes. After the contract is signed, the pledge is left, and the bills are paid, you can pick up the car for temporary use.

Rent terms

Car rental services in Rostov-on-Don are implemented on standard terms. As a rule, landlords prefer drivers who have reached the age of 21 and who have more than one year of driving experience. Of course, any rule has its own exceptions in the form of special programs for young drivers, etc., but in this case rent will be somewhat more expensive. From documents it is necessary to have a passport and a driver's license. To make an insurance guarantor, you will need a credit card with the required amount of funds (from 3000 rubles on average). Note that for renting an elite car, you will need a larger bail, and from you personally - an impeccable driver's reputation. Before you leave the company office behind the wheel of a rented car, do not be too lazy to read the contract carefully. A clear understanding of the terms of the transaction will save you from possible misunderstandings.

Rent price

In Rostov-on-Don, you can find a car in the rental at a price of 900 rubles per day. This cost will include insurance policies that cover costs for damage caused to your car and third-party cars in the event of an accident. Also included in the tariff are compulsory taxes. According to the conditions of different companies the daily mileage of the car can be limited to 500 km on average.

Note that when buying insurance policies, you can issue insurance with a franchise or without it (depending on the conditions of the lessor). The size of the deductible limits the amount of insurance payments carried out by the policyholder to a certain contract limit. That is, in the event of an accident, you will be charged an amount not exceeding the established amount of the deductible. Usually, policies with a franchise are somewhat cheaper.

Companies that provide car rental services in Rostov-on-Don:

Rent-a-car Pozitiv, address: Rostov-on-Don, Sholokhov Avenue, 11-19a, off. 127, tel .: +7 (863) 201-07-09, +7 (928) 229-45-26

AvtoDar, address: Rostov-on-Don, st. Prospect Sholokhov, 127/1, tel :. +7 (863) 279-36-50, +7 (938) 100-15-15

Atrevel, address: Rostov-on-Don, 25, Nagibina ave., Tel .: +7 (863) 270-44-10, +7 (928) 229-02-99

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