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What do you usually bring home to your friends and relatives from a journey? From Russia people bring Russian dolls "Matreshka", from Mexico – sombrero, from Italy – the Venetian glass, from Greece – fur coats. What is the best souvenir to buy when you come to Rostov-on-Don?

The best choice are small ceramic souvenirs. The articles are rich in the variety of forms, handmade and splendidly painted by the Don land potters; the engobes, enamel and glaze due to the baking process, create the complete illusion of the painting on the ceramics, that can compete in refinement and beauty with the oil painting. Delicate bouquets, funny sculptures, ash-trays will perfectly suit any interior, reflect your good taste and embellish your home.

The souvenir on-line store “Stanitsa” offers the best exclusive works by the leading Don land craftsmen: VIP gifts, corporative gifts, authentic Don land gifts. Here you can find the rich variety of the famous Don Land folk art and craft articles: the Don land ceramics, wooden souvenirs, rod-twined articles, the Cossacks uniform, the Cossacks breastplates, souvenir Cossacks armour.