Don Souvenirs gift shop

Address: Rostov-On-Don, Rostov-on-Don, Vavilov St., 54
Contact phones: +7 (863) 273-25-41, +7 (863) 277-32-87
Contact Email:
The main activity - production of jeweler, shod, ceramic, wooden products; products from a rod.
Your attention is offered:
- wooden products for house use, 
- wattled products from rods, straw, a reed and a bamboo, 
- products from ceramics and porcelain, in т.ч decorative, national and traditional Don, 
- jewelry,
- souvenirs, not advertizing gifts and gift trifles,
- souvenirs from a tree, ceramics, 
- art products from bronze, copper, brass and ferrous metals, 
- decorative products from malleable steel, ferrous metal, 
- lamps, chandeliers, a sconce, candelabrums art from bronze, brass and ferrous metals.