An interactive exhibition "Plates and Its Time" was opened at the airport

28 12월 2017

On December 26 the new airport became also an interactive museum and an excursion site. In anticipation of departure, passengers will be able to get acquainted with the history of the Don and appreciate its beauty. In the aerogaway, the exhibition "Plates and Its Time" is open, consisting of five installations: "Don", "Free South", "Through the Ages", "War of 1812" and "Fractal Portraits".

14-meter LED screen - like a window, behind which the vast expanses. Installation "Don" offers to go on an excursion, without leaving the airport. This is one of five multimedia facilities located throughout the passenger terminal.

Another screen, but already panoramic, broadcasts a film about the free Cossack life. This is the central and most impressive installation. You can not grasp everything with a look-a "picture" everywhere.

Further - an acquaintance with the Cossack outfit. The three-dimensional figures are replaced by costumes in accordance with the epochs. Here you can also try on your favorite outfit. And get a photo on e-mail. And the high-tech exposition continues to amaze. Here is one of the battles of the war of 1812. If you look into the viewfinder, the fragments of the picture will increase, they will start moving, and you can even look at the smoke from the guns.

- Now a person coming to Don can immediately see our region from different angles: not only modernity, but also history. And, of course, imagine the future, - said Vasily Golubev, who opened this unique exhibition.


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