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347340, Rostov region, town of Volgodonsk, Sovetskaya st, 2
Town Administration Head: Firsov Viktor Aleksandrovich
Phone number: (86392) 2-25-23 Fax: (86392) 2-22-66
root@admin.vdonsk.ru, Oit_adm@volgodonsk.ru

General information

Town of Volgodonsk is the fifth of the largest towns in Rostov region. It is the east region largest industrial, educational and cultural centre.

Volgodonsk is one of the region’s youngest towns. Its foundation was related to the USSR greatest project of the post war period – the Volgo-Don channel construction.


Volgodonsk foundation was related to the USSR greatest project of the post war period – the Volgo-Don channel construction. It originated from a small village constructed for the Tsymlyansk control structure workers. Apartment houses erecting on the town territory started July 27, 1950. In 1973 by the Town Council decision, this date was adopted as the town Volgodonsk foundation date.

Geographic Outline

Volgodonsk is situated in the eastern part of Rostov region (in the south of the European part of Russia, between the largest industrial cities Rostov-on-Don and Volgograd, near the largest cities of Russian Federation such as Stavropol, Krasnodar and Elista). The town boarders to the north with Konstantinovskyi and Tsymlyanskyi districts, to the east – with the Dubovskyi and Zimovnikovskyi, to the south – with Martynovskyi, to the west – with Semikarakorsk districts. Volgodonsk is a town of regional subordination. The distance to Rostov-on-Don is 250 km. The town area is 238 km2, the industrial and storage zone area is 10 km2, the park area is 16 km2.


Volgodonsk has a multi trade industrial potential of highly developed energy, engineering, chemical and wood processing industries. March 2001, after the Volgodonsk APP setting in operation, it became the largest energetic center in the South of Russia.

Volgodonsk is situated in the center of a vast agrarian region with a high agricultural products production capacity, that allows the town to become a centre of new agricultural products processing technologies application. The neighboring districts main agricultural trades are grain, bean, melon plantations, growing of sunflower, corn, rice, buckwheat, fruits and vegetables.

Social sphere

The town healthcare institutions are policlinics, dispensaries, variety of hospitals, obstetric-gynecologic center, psychological healthcare and disabled children rehabilitation center, sanatoriums. 18 town healthcare institutions provide all kinds of special medical care, including modern methods of diagnostics and treatment.

The Volgodonsk educational net contains 78 institutions and branches of the leading South Russian higher education institutions, such Rostov State University, South Russian State Technical University, Rostov State Pedagogical University, Don State Agrarian Academy.


Volgodonsk is one of the regional largest transportation junctions. The river port is of special importance in the town, founded due to the Volgo-Don channel construction. The water ways connect the town with the White, Baltic, Caspian, Azov and Black seas. The Volgodonsk port has an access to 100 largest port in 22 world countries.

The distance from Volgodonsk to the Rostov-on-Don river port is 230 km, to the Azov sea port – 260 km.

Except for the river port, the town transportation is carried out by airport, rail-way station “Volgodonskaya” of the North Caucasus Rail Ways, and by a highly developed net of motorways. The town is crossed by the motorways “Volgodonsk - Semikarakorsk”, “Volgodonsk – Tsymlyansk - Morozovsk”, “Volgodonsk - Zimovniki”, “Volgodonsk - Dubovskoe”.

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