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346880, town of Bataysk, Lenina square, 3.

Phone number: (86354) 5-62-00.


General information

Bataysk is a small town located on the junction of ancient land and water trade ways. Nowadays, it is one of the largest sorting yards in the South of Russia. The town is decorated by many trees, flowers and other plants. Its citizens are very fond and warmhearted people. Bataysk is situated 15 km to the south-north of Rostov-on-Don on the left bank of the river Don, and can be considered Rostov's suburb. It is a junction point of rail and motor ways.


The history of Bataysk dates back to 1769 from the settlement founded by Zaporozhye Cossacks and Ukrainian haulers. Its name origins in the Tatar khan Batyi, who had one of his camps here during the Golden Horde invasion. In 1927 Bataysk was a workers settlement, November 25 1938 town Bataysk became a part of the Rostov region.


Most of the enterprises support Rostov-on-Don industry, including mounting billets plants, energy mechanic plant, bridge concrete component construction plant, brick-yard.

There are enterprises in light and food industry, construct equipment maintenance, truck crane production and maintenance, motor semi-trailers maintenance, etc.

Bataysk is a railway cargo sorting yard of the Rostov industrial junction and the largest scrap collecting point in the South of Russia.

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