Tarasovskiy District

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346050, Rostov region, village Tarasovskiy, Pochtoviy lane, 5.
Phone number: (86316) 3-26-43, (86316) 3-26-65.

Geographic Outline

Tarasovskiy district is situated to the northwest of Rostov region. To the west the district territory boarders with Ukrainian Lugansk region, to the north – with Millerovskiy, to the south – with Kamenskiy, to the east – with Kasharskiy and Milyutinskiy districts of Rostov region. The district administrative center is village Tarasovskiy, located at the Severskiy Donets River’s confluent river Glubokaya. The distance from village Tarasovskiy to Rostov-on-Don is 200 km.
Tarasovskiy district is situated between two large industrial centers of Rostov region – the towns Millerovo and Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy. The distances to other large regional towns of Belaya Kalitva and Donetsk are rather small. The distance from village Tarasovskiy to the neighboring regional centers of Volgograd and Krasnodar is 429 km and 461 km correspondingly, to Moscow – 909 km.


The district main trade is agriculture and processing. The district has an agricultural experimental center, established in 1904, occupied by new perspective specimen production, reproduction and replication, and reproduction of the main agricultural specimen (elite, super-elite). The Tarasovskiy elevator is one of the largest in the North of the Rostov region.
The district territory is rich in minerals, such as oil and natural gas, quartzite, bentonitic clays, send, and fresh water recourses, supplying the neighboring mining settlements and villages with water. The local natural gas fields are mined industrially. The district territory has underground water springs, rich in sodium chloride and increased number of balneal active components, such as bromide, iodine, iron, boron.


Tarasovskiy district territory is crossed by two federal highways, connecting the Central parts of Russia with the South: the railway trunk “Moscow – Baku” and the motor highway M-4 “Don”.
The North Caucasus railway station Tarasovka (on the line Millerovo – Rostov-on-Don) is located at the district administrative center. Except for the railway trunk “Moscow – Baku”, the district western territory is crossed by the railway trunk, connecting Millerovo with the Ukrainian settlements.
The distance from village Tarasovskiy to the Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 200 km, to the Azov and Taganrog seaports – 256 km and 296 km correspondingly.

Social Sphere

The district educational institutions net includes 14 secondary schools, 10 ground schools, 16 kindergartens, 2 supplementary educational institutions, 1 boarding school, Children’s Home, rehabilitation center “Hope” and 2 professional trade schools. In summertime, the district social sphere institutions offer recreation in children summer camp “Forrest Republic”.

The healthcare institutions include 4 hospitals, 2 ambulances, 35 obstetric care clinics.

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