Salskiy District

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347630, Rostov region, town of Salsk, Lenina st., 22.
Phone number: (86372) 5-00-00.

Geographic Outline

Salskiy District is located to the southeast of Rostov region. To the east the district boarders with the republic of Kalmykia, to the south – with Peschanokopskiy, to the north – with Proletarskiy, to the west – with Tselinskiy districts of Rostov region.
The town of Salsk is a large agrarian and industrial center in the southeastern part of Rostov region. The town is located 180 km away from Rostov-on-Don, at the river Sredniy Egorlyk bank.
The nearest regional towns are Proletarsk - 31 km away, Zernograd - 129 km away and Konstantinovsk - 154 km away from the district administrative center.


The town of Salsk is the largest industrial and agricultural center in the southeast of Russia. The town was founded on the site of village Vorontsovo – Nikolaevskoye and the station settlement Torgovoye. In 1926 the town was a part of the Southeastern Russian Salskiy circuit. By the population enumeration data of 1926, the town population was 6902 people, 3295 males and 3607 females. At that period, the town leading enterprises were the State plant M7 (producing forge –and-pressing equipment); tanner, refrigerated slaughter house, elevator, credit bank, and grain storages.
September 13, 1937, by the USSR government decree, the Azov-Black Sea province was divided into Rostov and Krasnodar regions, the town of Salsk became a part of the Rostov district territory.
In 1941, 12 thousand of Salsk citizens joined the Soviet army, by year 1942 the front boarder was very close to the town. The territory of the contemporary Novo-Salsk and the town cemetery zone, the river Egorlyk banks were covered with trenches and tank ditches.
From July 31, 1942 till January 22, 1943, Salsk was occupied by the German Nazi troops.
The town vast development began at the post-war period. The Salsk branch of the North Caucasus Railway was constructed in1946, the railway connection contributed to the technical and transportation development of the railway junction. The town workshops were reorganized into state enterprises in the 1950th. The fur factory was founded on the basis of the Serov’s and 17th Party Conference workshops. The textile and garment factory arouse on the cotton storage unit. Due to the town fast development, by February 1, 1963, Salsk became a town of regional subordination. March 1997, town of Salsk and Salskiy district received the status of the Rostov region municipal unit.


The district economics is represented by 22 large and medium scale, 82 small scale agricultural enterprises. One of them, the agrarian enterprise “Gigant”, nowadays, Angelyev’s agricultural co-operative is famous all over the country.
Other district enterprises feature shoe and garment factory, furniture factory; a number of processing enterprises: flour, meat and dairy products, vine, technical crop and tinned food factories.


Salskiy district has a highly developed transportation net. Its territory is crossed by five regional motorways, connecting Rostov-on-Don with the Republic of Kalmykia and Stavropol region; Krasnodar and Volgograd regions: “Usman – Veseliy - Salsk”, “Kotelnikovo – Zimovniki – Salsk – Peschanokopskoe (to the Volgograd region boarder)”, “Egorlykskaya - Salsk”, “Salsk – Gorodovikovsk (to the Kalmykia boarder)”, “Salsk – Novyi Egorlyk – Yashalta (to the Kalmykia boarder)”.
The railway lines connect Salskiy district with Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Krasnodar. The cargo transportations are carried out through the North Caucasus railway station Salsk, supplemented by nine large transportation enterprises.
A rowing station is constructed at the River Sredniy Egorlyk bank.

Social sphere

Salsk is a large educational center in the south of Rostov region, due to a number of higher education institutions branches, such as Rostov Institute of Administration, Business and Law, Moscow Humanitarian Institute, Rostov State University of Economics; other educational institutions include Rostov railway trade school, 2 agricultural and 1 industrial trade schools, etc.

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