Rodionovo - Nesvetayskiy District

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346580, Rostov region, village Rodionovo – Nesvetayskaya, Pushkinskaya st., 34.
Phone number: (86340) 3-00-42.

Geographic Outline

Rodionovo - Nesvetayskiy District is situated to the southwest of Rostov region. The district territory boarders with Ukrainian Lugansk region, and with Oktyabrskiy, Aksayskiy, Myasnikovskiy, Kuybyshevskiy, Matveevo-Kurganskiy and Neklinovskiy districts of Rostov region.
The village Rodionovo – Nesvetayskaya is located only 45 km away from Rostov-on-Don, 30 km away from Novoshakhtinsk. The distance from the district administrative center to Shakhty is 52 km, to Novocherkassk – 75 km, to Taganrog – 120 km.
The distance from village Rodionovo – Nesvetayskaya to regional centers of Volgograd and Krasnodar is 462 km and 376 km correspondingly, to Moscow – 1070 km.


The village Rodionov (Nesvetayskiy) is mentioned in the Russian military chancellery chronicle, dated October 30, 1819 (# 5 in the military achieve). At the end of the 18th beginning of the 19th centuries, the settlement and the neighboring territories were a part of one of the few Don land Russian nobility patrimonies, located at the banks of rivers Bolshoy Nesvetay, Tuzlov and their confluents. The village Nesvetayskiy was granted by the military chancellery to lieutenant colonel Mark Rodionov in 1802, he got allowance to occupy the lieutenant colonel Yanovskiy’s ex-patrimony by the Bolshoy Nesvetay river and to found on the site a Cossack village.


The district agricultural territories consist 133,0 thousand hectares, 109,7 thousand of them being arable lands. The districts agricultural enterprises are represented by 185 agricultural co-operatives, specializing in plant growing, cattle breeding, grain, cereal, and oil specimen production and processing. The district cattle breeding enterprises produce meat and dairy products.


Rodionovo - Nesvetayskiy District has a highly developed motorway net. The district territory is crossed by regional motorways “Rodionovo – Nesvetayskaya - Novocherkassk”, and “Rostov-on-Don - Rodionovo – Nesvetayskaya - Novoshakhtinsk”, dividing the district administrative center territory into halves.
The nearest railway station is Nesvetay, on the line “Gorniy - Dolzhanskiy”, located 30 km away from the district administrative center. The distance from the district center to the Rostov-on-Don airport and river port is 45 km, to the Taganrog seaport – 120 km.

Social sphere

The Rodionovo - Nesvetayskiy District educational institutions net is represented by 11 secondary, 5 general and 6 elementary schools, 13 kindergartens, children sport school and children art school.

The healthcare net includes 1 central hospital, 2 ambulances, 2 emergency care clinics, 29 obstetric care clinics.

Interesting places in Rodionovo - Nesvetayskiy District

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