Remontnenskiy District

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347480, Rostov region, village Remontnoe, Leninskaya st., 67.
Phone number: (86379) 3-16-30. 

Geographic Outline

Remontnenskiy District is situated to the southeast of Rostov region. To the south and east its territory boarders with the republic of Kalmykia. The district administrative centre is village Remontnoe. The distance from the village to the nearest regional towns is – to Salsk – 230 km, to Zimovniki – 120 km. The distance to Rostov-on-Don is 420 km, to the city of Elista, the Kalmykia capital – 60 km, to Krasnodar – 540 km, to Volgograd – 410 km.


Remontnenskiy District, located to the very east of Rostov region, has a very long foundation history. There is a supposition, that the first settlers came to this deserted land back in 18th century, from Zaporozhye.
The first settlers were occupied with horse breeding and maintenance, and traded the strong, fast animals to the Kuban, Caucasus and Don land.


The district main trade is cattle breeding. The main trade in agriculture is grain, sunflower, mustard, vegetable, potato and melon production and processing.


The district territory is crossed by regional motorways “Rostov-on-Don - Stavropol”. “Kotelnikovo – Zimovniki – Salsk – Peschanokopskoe (to the Volgograd region boarder)” and “Proletarsk – Sukhoi – Bolshaya Orlovka”.
The distance from the district administrative center to the nearest Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 420 km, to the Azov seaport – 431 km.

Social sphere

The Remontnenskiy District social sphere institutions are represented by secondary and general schools, and kindergartens, Children Art Center, Children Sport school.
The healthcare institutions net include the Central District hospital, ambulances, obstetric care clinics.

Interesting places in Remontnenskiy District

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