Orlovskiy District

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347510, Rostov region, village Orlovskiy, Pionerskaya st., 75
Phone number: (86375) 3-14-60, (86375) 3-12-38. Fax: (86375) 3-14-46

Geographic Outline

Orlovskiy District is a municipal unit, founded in February 1924. The district is situated to the southeast of Rostov region. The district boarders with Martynovskiy and Zimovnikovskiy districts in the north, with Proletarskiy district in the southwest, and with the republic of Kalmykia in the south. The district territory is 3,3 thousand km2the total district area is 335,5 thousand hectares. The district administrative center is village Orlovskiy, founded in November 18, 1910. The population is 21026 people.

The distance from the district administrative center to Rostov-on-Don is 250 km, to Elista – 230 km, to Volgograd – 330 km, to Krasnodar – 270 km, to Moscow – 1250 km. The nearest regional towns are Proletarsk, Salsk, Zernograd.


The district main trades are agriculture and agricultural products processing. Other shares of the total production volume belong to agricultural engineering and construct materials manufacture.


The Orlovskiy District cargo and passenger transportation is carried out by motor and railway transport. The district territory is crossed by the regional motorways "Kotelnikovo – Zimovniki – Salsk – Peschanokopskoe ( to the Volgograd region boarder)" and “Orlovskiy – Kievka - Remontnoe”.

The distance from the district administrative center to the Volgodonsk river port is 96 km, to the Rostov-on-Don airport and river port – 250 km, to the Azov seaport – 253 km.

Social sphere

The Orlovskiy District has all necessary conditions for leisure and treatment organization. The lake Gruzskiy has unique treatment muds and spring mineral water, equal in quality and chemical elements combination to the Kavminvody's Tambukamskiy muds. The well for mineral water production and a sanatorium for consumptives are located in village Manych. The recreation center for leisure and muds treatment is located in village Luganskiy. Other district healthcare institutions include a district hospital for 305 patients, with a rehabilitation treatment department, providing medical services for the citizens of five eastern districts of Rostov region.

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