Morozovskiy District

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347110, Rostov region, town of Morozovsk, Lenina st., 204
District Administration Head: Trishechkin Peter Fedorovich

Phone number: (86314) 5-05-50, (86314) 5-01-50. Fax: (86314) 2-18-45

District Head: Solovey Nikolay Vasilievich

Phone number: (86314) 2-13-41. Fax: (86314) 2-18-45

Geographic Outline

Morozovskiy District is situated to the northeast of Rostov region, at the headstream of the river Bystraya (the left confluent of the river Severskiy Donets).

To the east the district boarders with Volgograd region, to the north – with Oblivskiy and Milyutinskiy districts, to the west – with Tatsinskiy, to the south – with Konstantinovskiy and Tsymlyanskiy districts of Rostov region.

The district administrative center is town of Morozovsk, located 265 km away from Rostov-on-Don. The distance from the district center to the nearest town of Surovikino in Volgograd region is 79 km, to Tsymlyansk and Belaya Kalitva – 80 km, to Volgodonsk – 95 km.


Morozovsk was a settlement by the railway. In the beginning of the 20th century, the settlement and the nearby Cossacks villages were unified into village Taubevskaya, named after the ex-military ataman, baron von Taube. April 24 1917, the village was renamed into Morozovskaya, May 29 1941, by the RSFSR Supreme Soviet Presidium Decree, the village received the status of town.

During the Great Patriotic War period, Morozovsk was occupied by the German Nazi troops from July 15, 1942 to January 5, 1943. During the occupation period the town and the neighboring territories were profoundly damaged. Many of the Morozovsk citizens bravely fought against the Nazi army, protecting their homeland, six of them were honored by the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.


The district main trade is agricultural products producing and processing. The basic industries are the agricultural engineering, food and processing industries.

The district has a powerful relay and the largest in Europe elevator.


Morozovskiy District has a highly developed motor infrastructure. Its territory is crossed by the federal highway M-21 “Volgograd – Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy - Ukrainian boarder”, and by regional motorways “Morozovsk – Tsymlyansk - Volgodonsk”, and “Kashary – Pervomayskoe – Milyutinskaya - Morozovsk”.

The railway transportation is carried out from station Morozovskaya on the North Caucasus Railway line “Rostov - Likhaya”.

Social sphere

Morozovskiy District has 28 healthcare institutions, including 2 district hospitals, 1 ambulance, 25 obstetric care clinics.

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