Krasnosulinskiy District

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346350, Rostov region, town of Krasniy Sulin, Lenina st.,11.
Phone number: (86367) 5-25-11.


Geographic Outline

Krasnosulinskiy District is situated to the west of Rostov region, near the state Russian-Ukrainian boarder, the location site of the 2 Rostov customs zones. The Krasnosulinskiy District lies in the center of the regional mining fields. It boarders with Oktyabrskiy, Belokalitvinskiy and Kamenskiy districts, towns of Shakhty and Novoshakhtinsk. The district territories surround the towns of Zverevo and Gukovo. The distances from the town of Krasniy Sulin to the majority of regional industrial centers are minimal.

The distance from the town of Krasniy Sulin to Rostov-on-Don is 100 km, to Moscow – 1011 km, to the region centers of Volgograd and Krasnodar – 421 km and 365 km correspondingly.



The history of Krasniy Sulin began with the Cossack village Sulin foundation by the river Kundyuchya at the end of 18th century. The village Sulin was founded on the landowner Andrey Sulin’s territory, near the Cossack settlement Malo-Gnilushi. At the second half of the 19th century, began the coalmines and ore mines development.

In 1872, the enterpriser Pastukhov constructed here the first Don land metal producing plant. At that period, it was one of the largest metallurgic enterprises in Russia. In 1888, the plant was visited by D.I. Mendeleev.



The district economic trade has the following structure:

  • Industry – 84,2 %
  • Agriculture – 4,4 %
  • Engineering – 2,4 %
  • Utilities – 6,5 %
  • Transportation and communication – 1,1 %
  • Other – 1,4,%


Krasnosulinskiy District has a highly developed transport infrastructure. The town of Krasniy Sulin center is crossed by the North Caucasus Railway federal trunk way “Moscow – Rostov-on-Don - Baku”, connecting the Central part of Russia with the South. To the north of the district lies the railway, connecting the eastern part of Rostov region with Ukraine.

The district is crossed by the federal highway M-4 “Don”, with the extension on the district territory of 54 km. Besides, the district territory is covered by 8 regional motorways, with the total extension of 89,3 km, 19 district motorways with total extension of 144,8 km and 18 rural roads (61,7 km).

The distance from town of Krasniy Sulin to the Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 100 km, to the Taganrog seaport – 89,3 km, to the Azov seaport – 160 km.


Social sphere

The district healthcare institutions are represented by 7 hospitals and obstetric clinics. The educational net contains 80 educational institutions: Metallurgic college of Krasniy Sulin, branch of the Shakhty trade school of energetic, branch of the South Russian State technical university (NPI), The Don institute of the distance education, multi trade professional college.

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