Konstantinovskiy District

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347250, Rostov region, town of Konstantinovsk, 25 October st., 70.
Phone number: (86393) 2-11-79, (86393) 2-16-62.


Geographic Outline

Konstantinovskiy District is situated in the central part of Rostov region, between the rivers Don and Severskiy Donets. To the north it boarders with the Belokalitvenskiy and Tatzinskiy, to the east - with Tsymlyanskiy and Morozovskiy, to the south - with the Volgodonskiy and Semikarakorskiy, to the west – with the Ust-Donetskiy districts of Rostov region. Its territory area is 2200 km2. The density of population is 16,5 people per km2.

The district center is town of Konstantinovsk, located at the Don River right bank. The distance from the town to Rostov-on-Don is 169 km, to the neighboring towns – 23 km to Semikarakorsk, 30 km to Ust-Donetsk, 66 km to Shakhty, 69 km to Belaya Kalitva.

The distance to the nearest regional centers of Volgograd and Krasnodar is 578 km and 420 km correspondingly, to Moscow – 1102 km.


The village Konstantinovskaya was founded in 1864, after the unification of village Babskaya (since 1638) and Vedernikovskaya (since 1762). The village was named after prince Konstantin Nikolaevich Romanov. The Konstantinovskiy district was established in 1924, by the Decree of the Soviet Government Presidium dated June 2, 1924.

June 1941, the village was ranked as the workers settlement. November 1967, the workers settlement was renamed into town of Konstantinovsk.

The first record of this settlement in the Don land the historians date back to 1593.

The Konstantinovskiy district history is connected with the famous rebellion by the Cossack Stepan Razin: he lived in a settlement Kagalnitskiy, near the village Konstantinovskaya, was captured here and transported to Moscow.

Before the revolution and at the beginning of the Soviet period, the village Konstantinovskaya was the center of the 1st Don province.


The district main trade is agriculture: grain producing, wine growing, cattle breeding and processing industries. The total volume of the industrial production is divided among engineering industry – 26,1 %, light industry – 1,7 %, food industry – 34,1, grain and flour processing – 9,7 %, other – 28,4 %.


Konstantinovskiy District is crossed by the regional motorways “Shakhty - Tsymlyansk”, “Rostov-on-Don (to highway “Don”) – Semikarakorsk – Volgodonsk – Konstantinovsk - Tatsinskiy”. Besides, the district territory is covered by 107,4 km of district motorways and by 10 rural roads. The total district hard surfaced road density is 145 km per 1000 km2. The distance from Konstantinovsk to the federal highway M-4 “Don” is 110 km.

The distance from the district administrative center to the nearest railway station “Ust-Donetskaya” (at the end of the “Likhaya – Rostov-on-Don” railway line) is 25 km, to the nearest Rostov-on-Don river port and airport – 169 km, to the Ust-Donetsk river port – 30 km, to the Taganrog and Azov seaports – 190 km and 255 km correspondingly.

Social sphere

The district social sphere institutions are represented by 3 secondary specialized educational institutions: agricultural trade school, teacher training college and other trade schools. Besides, there are 8 secondary, 6 basic and 16 elementary schools, art school, sport school and equestrian sport school, 22 cultural centers and 10 clubs. The district has a highly developed net of children and healthcare institutions.

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