Kamenskiy District

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347850, Rostov region, Kamenskiy District, village Glubokiy, Chkalova st., 22
istrict Administration Head: Kolzhanov Nikolay Borisovich

Phone number
: (86365) 9-60-29. Fax: (86365) 94-3-30

Geographic Outline

The Kamenskiy district is situated to the northwest of Rostov region, at the river Severskiy Donets undercurrent. To the south it boarders with the Krasnosulinsliy district, to the north – with Tarasovskiy, to the east – with Belokalitvenskiy districts of Rostov region. In the west, its territory sides the Ukrainian Luganskaya region. Another situational peculiarity is the district proximity to large industrial centers of Rostov region. The district fields surround towns of Donetsk and Kamensk-Shakhtinskiy. The distance to other region towns of Gukovo and Belaya Kalitva is 90 km and 85 km correspondingly.

The district administrative center village Glubokiy is located 174 km away from Rostov-on-Don, the distances to other large towns are: to Volgograd – 407 km, to Krasnodar – 439 km, to Moscow – 934 km.


The significant feature of the district economic development is the agricultural and industrial trades’ combination. Based on the local mineral fields, there are several mining and construction material producing enterprises in the district. The district agricultural fields’ territory is 175 thousand hectares, 50 % of them are planted with the winter grains. The majority of cultivated spring grains are millet, corn, barley; there are technical, forage crops, potato, vegetable plantations as well. The average of 20 district enterprises are involved in grain production and cattle breeding, plant-growing trade is mainly represented by 300 private farms.


The federal highway M-4 “Don” crosses the district center from north to south. The access from the highway to the village Glubokiy is 0,9 km. The district is covered by 258,1 km of district motorways and by 26,9 km of rural roads. The distance from the district center to the Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 174 km, to the Azov and Taganrog seaports – 234 km and 274 km correspondingly.

Interesting places in Kamenskiy District in the map of the region

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