Zimovnikovskiy District

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347460, Rostov region, village Zimovniki, Lenina St., 114.

Phone number: (86376) 3-13-01.



Geographic Outline

Zimovnikovskiy District is situated to the southeast of Rostov region. It boarders with Volgodonskiy, Martynovskiy, Orlovskiy, Remontnenskiy, Zavetinskiy and Dubovskiy districts. Due to its territory area of 5045 km2, the district is one of the largest in Rostov region.

The district center is village Zimovniki, located 290 km away from Rostov-on-Don. The distance from the village to the nearest region towns is: Volgodonsk – 50 km, Proletarsk – 78 km and Salsk – 112 km.

The distance from village Zimovniki to Elista is 180 km, to Krasnodar – 418 km, to Volgograd – 288 km, to Moscow – 1200 km.


The village Zimovniki history began in 1898 and is connected with the Vladikavkaz rail way line Tikhoretskaya – Tzaritsyn, constructed by July 1, 1899. The rail way station Kalmytskaya later on grew into a settlement. It was surrounded by multiple cattle breeding farms, also called “zimovniki”. The station and the settlement became a point of cattle trading fairs and rail way transportation.

In 1904, the station Kalmytskaya was renamed into station Zimovniki.

In 1920, the Zimovnikovskiy District (with the center in station Zimovniki) was a part of the Salsk province.

By the Soviet Government decree on March 7 1923, the Zimovnikovskiy District was established as a separate territory, with the center in station Zimovniki.

July 1924, the station Zimovniki received the village status and became the center of the officially established Zimovnikovskiy District.


The district has 1288 small scale enterprises, 23 of them belong to industry, 2 – to transportation, 10 – to construction, 950 are working in commercial, service and dining spheres, 28 – in various trades.

Zimovnikovskiy District main trade is agriculture. The leading district agricultural trades are: grain producing, cattle and sheep breeding.

Zimovnikovskiy District is situated in the eastern part of Rostov region. Its territory is over 5 thousand km2.


The district territory is crossed by regional motorways “Volgodonsk - Zimovniki”, “Kotelnikovo – Zimovniki – Salsk – Peschanokopskoe (from the Volgograd region boarder)”, “Elista – Remontnoe – Zimovniki (from the Kalmykia boarder)”, and by 165,4 km of district motorways and 58,1 km of rural roads. The general district hard surfaced roads density is 103,6 km per 1000 km2.

The trunk ways “Tikhoretsk - Volgograd” and “Kuberle - Volgodonsk” connect Zimovnikovskiy District with the Krasnodar and Volgograd regions.

The distance from Zimovniki to the nearest Volgodonsk river port and airport is 50 km, to the Azov sea port – 3000 km.

Social sphere

At present, the district has the following social sphere institutions:


  •  kindergartens – 6
  •  secondary schools – 3
  •  elementary schools – 4
  •  evening school – 1
  •  children art school – 1
  •  cultural centers and rural clubs –3
  •  libraries – 3
  •  hospital – 1
  •  obstetrics therapy clinic – 1
  •  the elderly people and disabled hospice center – 1, including 4 at-home care departments.

Interesting places in Zimovnikovskiy District in the map of the region

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