Dubovskiy District

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347410, Rostov region, village of Dubovskoe, Pavshikh bortsov st., 1.
Phone number: (86377) 5-16-00.


Geographic Outline

Dubovskiy District is situated to the east of Rostov region, at the bank of the Sal River. The district territory boarders to the northwest with the Volgograd region, to the east – with the Zavetinskiy District, to the south with the Zimovnikovskiy District and to the west – with the Volgodonsk District of Rostov region. The northwestern part of the Dubovskiy District is washed by the Tsymlyansk reservoir.

The district administrative center is village Dubovskoe, located at the distance of 330 km from Rostov-on-Don, 249 km – from Volgograd, 222 km – from Elista, 1223 km – from Moscow. The distances to neighboring towns are Volgodonsk – 61 km, Tsymlyansk – 79 km, Salsk – 151 km.


The district was established in 1924, quite long ago for the new Russian history and quite recently for the many century Don Land history. In 1962, the district was abolished and united with the Zimovnikovskiy District, and then reestablished again in 1965 as the contemporary Dubovskiy District.


Dubovskiy District is an agricultural district. The local industrial enterprises produce only 5% of the total production volume.

The total district agricultural territory is 346 thousand hectares, 4 thousand hectares being the irrigated fields. The district leading agricultural trades are plant growing and cattle breeding. Other agricultural enterprises produce grain - winter wheat, spring barley, millet, mustard. The cattle breeding farms produce meat, dairy products, and eggs. The district livestock breeding includes cattle, pig, horse and sheep breeding.


The district is crossed by 3 regional motor ways: “Volgodonsk - Dubovskoe” with the local extension of 45,4 km, “Kotelnikovo – Zimovniki – Salsk – Peschanokopskoye (from the Volgograd region boarder)” – extension 31,6 km; “Dubovskoe - Zavetnoe” – extension 57,6 km.

The total regional road extension is 137,4 km. The district territory is covered by 12 district motorways with the extension of 144,3 km and 57 km of rural roads. The village Dubovskoe is located near the North Caucasus Railway station Remontnoe. The railway transportation connects the district with the Volgograd and Krasnodar region towns.

The distance from Dubovskoe to the Volgodonsk river port is 61 km, to the Rostov-on-Don airport and river port – 330 km, to the Azov seaport – 338 km.

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