Volgodonskyi District

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347350, Rostov region, Volgodonskyi district, village Romanovskaya, Pochtovaya st., 13.
Phone number: (86394) 7-01-30, (86392) 2-29-47.
E-mail: radm@vttc.donpac.ru, root@ra-294.donpac.ru


Geographic Outline

The Volgodonskyi district is situated in the eastern part of Rostov region. To the north is boarders with Konstantinovskyi and Tsymlyanskyi districts and town Volgodonsk, to the east - with Dubovskyi and Zimovnikovskyi districts, to the south - with Martynovskyi distrcit, to the west - with Semikarakorks district.

The distance from the district administrative centre village Romanovskaya to Rostov-on-Don is 227 km. The distance from village Romanovskaya to Volgodonsk is 14 km, to Tsymlyansk – 32 km. The nearest towns are Konstantinovsk and Semikarakorsk.

The distance from village Romanovskaya to Volgograd is 325 km, to Krasnodar – 530 m, to Moscow – 1175 km.


The history of the Volgodonskyi district dates back to the 17th century. The district establishing began with a small Cossack town Romanovskyi. At first it was situated on the right bank of the Don river. The settlement was founded approximately in 1672, but there are references that it was founded in 1613 and named so in honor of the first tsar of Russia arising from the ancient noble kin of the Romanovs – Michael Romanov.

The settlement population grew rapidly, and soon it became a village. Due to the change in the Don river current it was repeatedly relocated from the right bank to the left bank of the Don river. 1840 it was finally located on the left bank of the river.


The Volgodonskyi district is peculiar in the variety of all kinds of agricultural trades. It is the most northern zone of rice planting in the world. The district contains five rice growing plants, six vine-growing plants, a large battery farm, fish-factory. The district irrigating fields zone contributes to the vegetable-growing development.


The district is crossed by the regional motor ways:

  • “Rostov-on-Don (part of the “Don” highway) – Semikarakorsk - Volgodonsk” with the access to village Romanovskaya, the extension – 5.9 km;
  • “Volgodonsk – Zomovniki”;
  • “Morozovsk – Tsymlyansk - Volgodonsk”;
  • “Rostov-on-Don (part of the “Don” highway) – Semikarakorsk - Volgodonsk (Golovnoe) – Yuzhnyi – Bolshaya Martynovka”.

The nearest large river port and airport is located in Volgodonsk at the distance of 14 km from the district centre. The distance from village Romanovskaya to the Azov sea port is 290 km.

Social sphere

The district healthcare institutions include 2 hospitals, 1 policlinic, 24 therapy and obstetric care stations. The district has more than twenty secondary schools, 1 Children Art Centre, 22 culture centers and rural clubs, 20 libraries.

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