Veselovskyi District

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347780, Rostov region, village Veselyi, Komsomolskyi st., 61.

Phone number: (86358) 6-12-51, (86358) 6-15-55. 


Geographic Outline

Veselovskyi District is situated in the central part of Rostov region, at the Don river navigable confluent - the river Manych, on the bank of the Veselovskyi reservoir. The river Manych divides the district territory into two parts, one of them belongs to European continent, the other one to Asia. To the north the district boarders with the Semikarakorsk district, to the west – with Bagaevskyi district, to the south – with Zernogradskyi district, to the east – with Proletarskyi and Salsk districts.


The district main trade is agriculture, producing up to 80-90 tons of grain, sunflower, vegetables per year

The district agricultural territory is 104365 hectares. The arable land averages in 87209 hectares, 22 thousand hectares of them being irrigated fields.

On the district territory there are 12 agricultural enterprises, 204 farms, 6 subsidiary plants. The processing industry is being developed on the basis of all kinds of enterprises, farms and plants. The average crop capacity of all the district agricultural enterprises is 33.0 centner per hectare.


The transportation from Veselovskyi District to other region towns and neighboring districts is carried out by motor transport. The all type hard surfaced road density is 152,9 km per 1000 m2 of the territory. The district is crossed by the regional motorway “Usman—Veselyi - Salsk”. Besides, the district territory is covered by 103.2 km of district motorways, including inter-district motorways “Rostov-on-Don (part of M-4 highway “Don”) – Semikarakorks – Volgodonsk”, “Privolnyi – Srednyi Manych - Nizhnesolenyi” and “Mechetinskaya – Bolshaya Talovaya – Veselyi (up to the motorway “Usman – Veselyi - Salsk”)”.

Social sphere

The Veselovskyi reservoir attracts tourists not only from Rostov-on Don and regional towns, but also from the nearest Ukrainian towns. The reservoir depth and size, the waterworks facility made it possible to open an yacht club on the district territory with the ability to access the Azov and Black seas and the Volgo-Don channel.

At present, the special attention is being paid to physical culture and sport development. There are 2 sport schools, 14 training grounds of various types in the district.

Interesting places in Veselovskyi District in the map of the region

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