Verkhnedonskoy District

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Rostov region, Verkhnedonskoy District, village Kazanskaya, Matrosova st.,12
District Administration Head: Boldyrev Alexander Georgievich

Phone number
: (86364) 3-13-60, (86364) 3-16-60. Fax: (86364) 3-16-84

Geographic Outline

The Verkhnedonskoy District is situated in the northern part of Rostov region. It boarders to the north with the Voronezh region, to the east – with the Volgograd region, Sholokhovskyi and Bokovskyi districts, to the south – with Kasharskyi district, to the west - with Chertkovskyi district and Voronezh region. The river Don divides the district into two practically equal parts, that grants the district a favorable geographical and economic location.

The district administrative center is village Kazanskaya, located on the left bank of the river Don.


The history of the Verkhnedonskoy District establishing dates back to the 20-60th of the 20th century, but its first villages were founded in the distant past.

Village Kazanskaya, founded in1647, was formerly known as Kazanskyi town. The Verkhnedonskoy circuit was established in the beginning of the 20th century. In 1920 Verkhnedonskoy circuit was a part of the Don region. March 31, 1923, the Verkhnedonskoy circuit was abolished and its villages became a part of the Donetsk circuit with the administrative center in town Millerovo. Kazanskyi and Meshkovskyi districts were established in April 1924. Later on February 27 1927, Kazanskyi and Meshkovskyi districts were abolished. The Verkhnedonskoy District of the Donetsk circuit was established within their territory.

December 1934, the district was divided into Verkhnedonskoy and Migulinskyi districts. In September 1937, after the Rostov region establishment, the Verkhnedonskoy District became one of its parts. From January 1954 to November 1957 the Verkhnedonskoy District was a part of Kamenks region, since November 1957, it was again included into the Rostov region territory.


The district main trade is agriculture. The district agricultural industry contains 58 agricultural enterprises, 87 farms (the data provided by January 01, 2007). The largest enterprises are: “Shumilinskoe” CC, agricultural co-operative “Stepnoi”, agricultural co-operative “Tikhovskoy-5”,

agricultural co-operative “Komsomolets Dona”. The main local industrial trades are grain and sunflower production, the most rentable of them is sugar-beet. The district has two highly developed seed-growing plants and a branch of the Russian research institute of oil-bearing crops with a Zhdanov model shop, which provides agricultural plants' seeds of higher degree of reproduction. There are 2 grain elevating plants on the district territory.


The transportation from the Verkhnedonskoy District to the neighboring towns and regions of Russia is carried out by motor transport. The district is crossed by the regional motorways “Veshenskaya - Kazanskaya”, with the extension on the district territory of 28.8 km and “M-4 “Don” – Meshkovskaya - Kazanskaya” – 53.8 km. The general regional motorway extension is 82.6 km. Besides, the district territory is covered by 148 km of district motorways and 18.2 km of rural roads.

The distance from village Kazanskaya to the federal highway M-4 “Don” is 67 km.

Social sphere

At present, there are following social sphere institutions in the district:

  • kindergartens – 18;
  • secondary school – 8;
  • basic schools – 8;
  • elementary schools (branches of secondary and basic schools) – 24;
  • supplementary educational institutions – 3;
  • trade school – 1;
  • cultural centers and rural clubs – 42;
  • libraries – 19;
  • children music school - 1;
  • center of psychological and social therapy – 1;
  • boarding school type 7 – 1;
  • hospital – 1;
  • ambulances – 5;
  • therapy and obstetric care stations – 35;

old people’s and disabled social rehabilitation center – 1, including 11 departments of at-home care, 1 social rehabilitation department and 1 urgent social support department.

Interesting places in Verkhnedonskoy District in the map of the region

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