Bagaevskyi District

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346610, village Bagaevskaya, Podroikina st., 10

Phone number: (86357) 3-00-42. Fax: (86357) 3-37-83


General information

The District centre village Bagaevskaya has a peculiar history. The first Cossacks settlements on the lower bank of the Don river started to appear back in the 16th -17th century. In the middle of the 17th century, due to the increasing number of the Crimea Tatars raids on the Don land, the Don Cossacks Army Board decided to found a new settlement on the Bagaevskyi island to assist the Cossacks living in neighboring villages Manychevskaya and Bessergenevskaya (the information is based on the military reference dated February 6, 1648). The Don Cossacks main occupations at those times were cattle breading and agriculture, the convenient location on the Don river bank and the fertile lands contributed to the village Bagaevskaya rapid growth and trade development. At first the village was situated on the Don river right bank, but due to the frequent floods, the village was relocated on the Don river left bank in 1805.

The Bagaevskyi District was established in 1924, it is situated in the central part of Rostov region. The District centre is village Bagaevskaya, located 80 km to the north of the region centre Rostov-on-Don, on the Don river left bank.

Geographic Outline

The Bagaevskyi District geographic location is very favorable. It is situated in the central part of Rostov region on the Don river left bank at the Manych river undercurrent. To the west the district boarders with the Aksay district, to the east – with the Veselovskyi and Semikarakorsk districts, to the north – with the Oktyabrskyi and Ust-Donetsk districts, to the south – with the Zernograd and Kagalnitskyi districts of the Rostov region. The distance from the region centre Rostov-on-Don to the district centre village Bagaevskaya is only 76 km. The distances from village Bagaevskaya to other region towns are: Semikarakorsk – 49 km, Bataisk – 90 km, Novocherkassk – 108 km. The distance from the Bagaevskyi District to Krasnodar is 355 km, to Volgograd – 474 km.


The Bagaevskyi District is one of the Rostov region leaders in agricultural production. The largest village enterprises specialize in agricultural products (“Rogachevskoe”, CC.) and their processing (“Moloko”, PC, ”Donskye Soki”Ltd.), there are large grain elevating plants (“Bagaevskyi water terminal” Ltd., branch of “Agroprom-Impex”, CC) as well.

Nowadays, the district is being variously accomplished by gas-pipeline, water supply construction and multiple social undertakings.


The district cargo and passenger transportation is carried out by auto and water transport. The district territory is crossed by the regional motorways “Rostov-on-Don (part of the “Don” highway) – Semikarakorsk – Volgodonsk” (extension on the district territory is 54 km), “Novocherkassk (Khotunok) - Bagaevskaya” (extension 3.6 km), “Usman – Veselyi - Salsk” (extension 5.5 km). Besides, the territory is covered by 69.3 km of regional motorways and 24.9 km of rural roads. The distance from the Bagaevskyi district administrative centre to the nearest rail-way station in Novocherkassk is 26 km. The distance to the Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 76 km, to the Azov sea port and the Taganrog sea port – 118 km and 149 km correspondingly.

Social sphere

The Bagaevskyi District has a Central Hospital, 22 secondary schools, 8 kindergartens, Centre of Supplementary Education, Children Sport Centre, District Art Centre, Children Art School, Museum of the Don Cossacks History, Old People's Rehabilitation Home. Since year 2000, the village Bagaevskaya has a branch of the South Russian State Technical University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute), that offers its students the following specializations “Safety of the Technological Processes and Production”, “Mine Survey”, “Applied Geodesy”. Besides, there is a specialized secondary education institution – the branch of the Novocherkassk State Commercial Humanitarian College.

The Bagaevskyi District has various tourist attractions. There are 85 recreation departments situated on the rivers bank. The district recreation sites offer enjoyable fishing and hunting experience.

Interesting places in Bagaevskyi District in the map of the region

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