Aksay District

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346720, Aksay, Karla Libknekhta st. 132

Phone number: (86350) 5-81-69. Fax: (86350) 5-68-05



The first records referring to the settlement located at the territory of contemporary Aksay is dated back to 1570. The Cossacks settlement had been repeatedly ravaged by the Turkish, Crimea Tatar and Nogais tribes. Nevertheless, its convenient location on the high bank of the Aksay river and the Don river junction, at the crossroads of ways leading to the Don Cossacks Army capitol Cherkassk (contemporary stanitsa Starocherkasskaya) kept attracting more and more people. The map dated 1742 mentioned Ust-Aksay camp, named after the nearby river (“Ak-Su” origins from Turk language, meaning “white water”).

Aksay District (the district center is town Aksay) exists as administrative area since 1936.

September 2000, town Aksay celebrated its 430th anniversary.


Geographic Outline

Aksay District boarders with Oktyabrskyi and Rodionovo-Nesvetayskiy districts in the North, Rostov-on-Don, Myasnikovskyi and Azov districts in the West, with Bagaevskyi district and Novocherkassk in the East and Kagalnitskyi district in the South.

The distance from Aksay to the region center Rostov-on-Don is 17 km, to Novocherkassk – 33 km, to Bataisk – 29 km, to Azov – 42 km, to Taganrog – 84 km. The distance to regional centers Volgograd and Krasnodar is 476 km and 280 km accordingly.



There are 36 industrial enterprises, 24 constructional, 10 transport, 26 agricultural, about 200 farm industries.

There are more than 800 small-scale enterprises as well.

The largest shares of the district production gross measure are:

  • industry – 47,7%,
  • agriculture – 19,8%,
  • transport – 8,8 %,
  • construction industry – 8,9%.

Social sphere

Aksay District has a highly developed net of educational and medical institutions. It embraces 15 elementary, 3 basic, 1 evening and 15 secondary schools. 1828 children get preschool education at 27 state and 5 departmental kindergartens. Six district schools have the Don land folk culture oriented educational line. There is a Children’s Home for the kids who lost their parents. The District Children Art Centre offers additional education to 3420 members of various hobby groups and clubs based on 14 secondary schools and 3 teenage clubs. District branches of higher education institutes provide the number of specialists necessary for the district economics development. There are branches of the Moscow Institute of Business Infrastructure, the Rostov State University of Economics and several trade schools here.

The district healthcare institutions include the District Central Hospital, the Aksay Dental Surgery Clinic, State Sanitary Inspectors Center, sanatorium “Zdravnitsa”.



The Aksay District has a highly developed transportation net. It is connected with other towns of Rostov region and neighboring regions by water-way, the Don river, by trunk-railway and federal and regional highways, by gas-main pipeline that supplies with gas Rostov, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions, the North Caucuses and Transcaucasia republics.

The density of hard surfaced highways for general use at the Aksay District territory consists 25,9 km per 1000 km² of the territory. The general all-type highway extension is 175,9 km. The district is crossed by the federal highway M4 “Don”, by regional motorways “Rostov-Stavropol” (the extension at the district territory is 15,6 km), “Rostov – Semikarakorsk - Volgodonsk” (20,5 km), “Rodionovo-Nesvetaisk - Novocherkassk” (20,6 km). Moreover, there are 19 district motorways with the general extension of 134,1 km and 13 rural roads with the extension of 36,8 km at the district territory.

The distance from the Aksay District centre to the Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 17 km, to the Azov sea port – 42 km, to the Taganrog seaport – 84 km.

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