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346500 Rostov region, Town of Shakhty, Sovetskaya st., 158.
Phone number: (86362) 2-41-25, (86362) 2-67-69.


General information

Shakhty is the third of the largest regional towns after Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog. The town population is 249,1 thousand people, the town territory area is 158,3 km².


In 1696 young tsar Peter the Great and his army were on the way to the Azov fortress assault and made a camp in the Don steppe by a small river. One of the soldiers found a big black shiny rock in a gully near the camp. The unusual rock was shown to the tsar, who said that this mineral might become very useful for the ancestors. Many years later, in 1721, the mineral searcher Grigory Kapustin found coal fields near the river Kundruchya. When Peter the Great was informed about it, he ordered to start coal fields searching on the Don land (1722). The town itself was founded by order of Emperor Alexander II in 1867. From 1881 to 1921 the town was named Alexandrovsk-Grushevskyi. On January13 1921, the town was renamed into Shakhty. The industrial demands in high quality coal and the town convenient location contributed to the Shakhty fast development.

July 22, 1942, the town was captured by the German Nazi troops. The war period resulted in serious damage to the town and its population: many buildings, state and educational institutions and historical monuments were destroyed. Many people were repressed and executed.

Despite significant destructions, the town was rapidly reconstructed after the war period. A variety of new enterprises were founded and erected here from 1950 to 1990, such as Shakhty dairy plant, State shoe factory, cotton factory, “Hydroprivod” plant; a number of educational centers: museum of history and local lore, the Victory square, Sports palace, cinema "Aurora", etc.

Geographic Outline

Town Shakhty is situated in the western part of Rostov region, 66 km to the north from Rostov-on-Don. The town has an advantageous geographical location, due to its proximity to the Russian-Ukrainian boarder and regional industrial centers. The distance from the town to the boarder is 26 km. Shakhty is 35 km away from Novocherkassk and Novoshakhtinsk, and relatively close to town Gukovo – 65 km away.

The distance to Moscow is 1030 km, to regional centers of Volgograd and Krasnodar – 409 km and 348 km.


Nowadays, Shakhty play an important strategic role in the Rostov region market. The town has 2762 enterprises, such as “Stroyfarfor” PC, “Gloria-Jeans” Inc., Aircraft Maintenance Plant, “Dontex” CC. A quarter of population is involved in highly effective private businesses.


Shakhty is situated at the junction of two federal highways – M-4 “Don”, connecting Central Russia with the South, and M-19 – M-4 “Mayskyi – Novoshakhtinsk – Ukrainian boarder”, connecting Rostov-on-Don and Kiev. The town is crossed by regional motorways “Shakhty – Kamenolomni”, “Shakhty - Novocherkassk”, “Shakhty - Vladimirovka”, “Shakhty – Ust-Donetsk”.

The distance from the town to the Rostov-on-Don and Ust-Donetsk river ports is 66 km and 84 km, to the Taganrog and Azov seaports – 142 km and 95 km. The distance to the Rostov-on-Don airport is 66 km.

Shakhty is crossed by the North Caucasus Rail Way. The rail way station “Shakhtnaya” is located within the town territory. Besides, the town neighbors with a large rail way terminal Kamenolomni with the base station, carriage and locomotive depot.

Social sphere

Shakhty has a highly developed educational institutions net. There are 5 higher education institutions, “Institute of open education”, “Institute of Management, Business and Law”, “South Russian State university of economics and service”, branches of: “South Russian State Technical University”, “Moscow International University of Business and Informational Technologies”, “Rostov Teacher Training University”. Besides, there are: medical college named after G.A. Kuznetsova, music school, Technological college of the South Russian State university of economics and service, Don business college of economics and law, Shakhty teacher training college, Shakhty regional mining and energetic college named after academician Stepanov. The town educational institutions meet the contemporary industrial and economic demands in providing highly educated specialists.

There is a number of healthcare institutions and a highly developed net of training schools in the town. The town was registered in the Guinness Book of Records, due to its outstanding sport achievements: since 1964 the sportsmen from Shakhty have been participating in all the Olympic Games. This is the native town for such famous Olympic champions as V. Alekseev, R. Plyukfelder, D. Rigert, A. Vakhonin, G. Bessonov, V. Tregubov, L. Kondratyeva, M. Logvinenko and other masters of sport. The Shakhty sportsmen participate in regional, federal competitions, European and World Cups, international championships.

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