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347900, Town of Taganrog, Petrovskaya st., 73-75
Phone number: (8634) 312-800, (8634) 312-801. 

General information

Taganrog is a large industrial, cultural and scientific center and one of the significant sea ports in the South of Russia. It is situated to the south-west of Rostov region on the bank of the Azov sea’s Taganrog bay, 50 km away from the Russian-Ukrainian boarder. Taganrog is the second of most densely populated regional towns, its population is 277,3 thousand people. Town area is more than 80 km2.


Taganrog is one of the first Russian towns, constructed by a designed project. The Taganrog planning and erecting project was designed in 1699 by Peter the Great’s order. The fortress planning included apart from the military objects, administrative and cultural buildings, the Tsar Palace, courts for his noblemen, local administration, authorities, clergy, Russian and foreign seamen. The yards for soldiers, cannoniers, tradesmen, merchants and peasants were located behind the fortress walls in six settlements, protected by small fortresses, erected on the Miusskyi peninsula. By the end of the 18th – beginning of the 19th century, Taganrog was a highly developed multi-national and multi-confessional trade town. Taganrog was practically the only commercial international center in the South of Russia. Up to 1860th Taganrog was one of the largest international ports.

Geographic Outline

Taganrog is situated in the south-western part of Rostov region, on the eastern bank of the Azov sea’s Taganrog bay, 50 km away from the Don river confluence. The town is located on the sea protruding cape and is surrounded by water from three sides. The distance from the town to Rostov-on-Don is 67 km. The neighboring towns are the regional largest industrial centers Bataysk and Azov, situated at the distance of 79 km and 90 km. Taganrog is 109 km away from the Ukrainian port on the Azov sea, the town Mariupol.

To the north and west, the town territory is surrounded by the Neklinovskyi district lands. The distance to the regional centers of Krasnodar and Volgograd is 340 km and 550 km, to Moscow – 1155 km.


The town has a wide range of processing industries, such as ferrous metallurgy, engineering and metal processing, aircraft manufacturing. Besides, there are highly developed trades in electronic, radio technical and calculating machines production and maintenance, building material construction and production, light and food industries. One of the town most promising industrial trades is motoring industry.


The Taganrog unique geographical location makes the town a perspective transportation terminal connecting south and south-western Europe and Ukraine with the inner regions of Russia. Taganrog is a significant rail way junction of the two important high carrying capacity trunk-railways: “Moscow – Rostov-on-Don - Baku”, crossing the region’s western part from north to south and giving access to the North Caucasus and Transcaucasian countries; “Rostov-on-Don – Martsevo - Yasinovataya”, connecting the region center with the neighboring state. The Taganrog airport has two runways, with the capacity of accepting aircrafts of all types and hydroplanes.

Social sphere

The Taganrog municipal educational system according to data provided on January 1, 2007, is represented by 51 kindergartens, 32 secondary schools, 11 children supplementary education institutions, 2 gymnasiums, 1 lyceum, etc. There are 3 higher education institutions: Technological Institute of the Southern Federal University (ex-Taganrog State Radio Technical University), Taganrog State Teacher Training Institute, Taganrog Institute of Management and Economics, and a number of higher educational institution branches. Besides, the high quality education is provided at the metallurgic, polytechnic, aviation, medical colleges, music school, college of navigation instrument-making and a number of trade schools.

The town healthcare institutions are 19 municipal healthcare institutions, 7 hospitals for 2045 patients.

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