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346900 Rostov region, Town of Novoshakhtinsk, Kharkovskaya st., 58.
Phone number: (86369) 2-70-73.


General information

Novoshakhtinsk is the East Donets Basin industrial center. The town foundation was due to the large anthracite-fields.



The first reference of the local coal field dates back to 1696.

The first coal-mining settlements were founded 1840-1910, in 1910 they were united into one – the “Nesvetai” mine. This is the period of multiple small mines foundation. The coal mine industry development was due to the Rostov millionaire’s son Nikolay Paramonov, the mine owner. He founded the first five large mines and constructed a rail way line Nesvetai – Gornaya, built the first 48 stone barracks for the miners and 4 cottages for the administration.

In January 1939, by the Decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium, the mine received the town status. This date is considered to be the date of the Novoshakhtinsk town establishing.


Geographic Outline

The town is situated in the western, most densely populated part of Rostov region, near the state Russian-Ukrainian boarder. The motorway customs check point is located in the town.

The distances from Novoshakhtinsk to Rostov-on-Don (83 km) and other regional industrial centers - town Krasnyi Sulin (22 km), Shakhty (27 km), Zverevo (34 km), Gukovo (36 km) are rather small. The town is surrounded by the agricultural fields of the Krasnosulinskyi and Oktyabrskyi districts.

The distance from Novoshakhtinsk to Moscow is 1033 km, to the neighboring regional centers Volgograd - 429 km, and Krasnodar - 347 km.



The majority of Novoshakhtinsk enterprises refer to industrial and processing complex (65,5% of the general production and service volume), 7,1% belongs to transportation enterprises, 5,1% to the construction industry, 4,7 to the housing and communal services.



The town significant advantage is its proximity to the main federal highways M-4 "Don", connecting Central Russia and the South, and M-19 - M-4 "Mayskyi - Novoshakhtinsk – Ukrainian boarder", connecting Rostov-on-Don and Kiev. The town location at the highways' junction and its proximity to the Russian - Ukrainian boarder makes it a significant point in cargo transportation from Europe and Turkey to Russia. Besides, the town is crossed by the local motorways “Rostov-on-Don – Rodionovo-Nesvetayskaya - Novoshakhtinsk”, and “Gukovo - Novoshakhtinsk”.

The distance from Novoshakhtinsk to the nearest Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 83 km, to the Azov and Taganrog seaports – 130km and 155 km correspondingly.


Social sphere

The town significant advantage is a highly developed educational net. The town has 23 secondary schools, 7 supplementary education institutions, 2 trade schools, Shakhty regional mining and energetic college, Rostov State University, Moscow New Institute of Law, South Russian State Technical University branches. The town has a number of physical training institutions, Children music school, Children art school and Art center.

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