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347800, Rostov region, Town of Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi, Lenina st., 74.
Phone number: (86365) 7-24-59, (86365) 7-24-58. 


General information

       Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi is a large industrial center of Rostov region. The town has a rectangular outline, asphalted, break and crushed rock streets. The majority of downtown houses are basically two – or four – storey, there are several nine-storey buildings. Most of the suburban homes are old, one-storey wooden or break-covered buildings, but there are many new private break cottages as well. The new town micro district consists of five- and nine-storey houses. The town is spread along the Severskyi Donets river bank, has a large park area, gas and electricity, water supply and canalization, public transportation and telephone connection.


     In 1671 a new settlement was founded on the Severskyi Donets river bank, at first it was a village that later on grew into the town of Kamensk. In 1802 the village Kamenskaya was announced as the Don Region center. By that time its population was 3,614 people. In 1817, after the ataman Platov’s advice, the village was relocated on the high right bank of the river. In 1927 the village received the town status, named Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi. Nowadays, Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi is the largest industrial center in the north of Rostov region.

Geographic Outline

     Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi is situated to the north-west of Rostov region, on the right bank of the Severskyi Donets river at the north-eastern spurs of the Donetsk mountain ridge. The town is surrounded by the Kamenskyi and Krasnosulinskyi districts. The distance from the town to Rostov-on-Don is 140 km.


     Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi is the largest industrial center in the north of Rostov region. Its main trade is industry, consisting 12,9 % of town economics. The industrial enterprises produce 65% of the total production and service volume. The largest town enterprises are connected with the defense industry (chemical plant), engineering industry (engineering plant, experimental-mechanical plant) and chemical industry (plant “Kamenskvolokno”).


     The town is situated at the junction of federal and regional motor and rail ways, connecting the town with the neighboring industrial centers, Volgograd region and Ukraine. The town territory is crossed by the federal highways M-4 “Don”, that crosses the Severskyi Donets river by two one-way bridges, and M-21 “Volgograd - Kamensk-Shakhtinskyi – Ukrainian boarder”.

     The distance to the international Taganrog and Azov seaports is 211 km and 169 km, the distance to the Rostov-on-Don river port and airport is 140 km.

Social sphere

     The town has four higher education institutions branches – SRTSU, RSAU, MASI, RSPU, pedagogic college, chemistry and mechanics trade school, a number of professional educational institutions. The town education net is also represented by 18 secondary schools, gymnasium, lyceum, two boarding schools, 31 kindergartens.

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