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347871, Rostov region, town of Gukovo, Karl Marx st., 100.
Phone number: (86361) 5-25-25, (86361) 5-25-26.


General information

Gukovo is one of the Rostov region miner's towns. Its foundation in 1878 was due to the Gukovo coal-field development. Ever since, its history is closely related to the mining industry history of Russia.

Nowadays, the town's area is 34,42 km², the population is 69,1 thousand people.


The Gukovo settlement foundation in 1878 was due to the Gukovo coal-field development. The neighboring Cossacks villages Kovalevo, Platovo, village Gukovo are older than the town. In 1955 Gukovo gained the status of regional subordination town. Historically, the town population consists of the neighboring Cossacks and Ukrainian villages inhabitants. The town area including the neighboring villages is 3 619 hectares. The town development was due to mining industry. That is why it is rather disconnected. The settlements are separated from each other by several kilometers, in between are located villages and agricultural fields of the Krasnosulinskyi district.

Geographic Outline

Gukovo is situated in the north-western part of region, at the distance of 123 km from Rostov-on-Don. The town territory sides with the Russian-Ukrainian boarder. The distance from the Gukovo administrative centre to the nearest Ukrainian settlement, the village Chervonopartizansk is less than 10 km. The rail way station Gukovo and the motorway are equipped by a customs control check point.


Gukovo is a large mining centre in the Eastern Donets Basin, with coal mines, processing plants, light and food industry enterprises, preparatory and construction works. Other trades include cabinet furniture production, raw material processing plants and food factories.


Gukovo has a highly developed transportation infrastructure. 25 km to the east from the town lies the federal highway M-4 “Don”, connecting regions of Central Russia with the South. 25 km to the south lies the motorway M-19 – M-4 “Mayskyi - Novoshakhtinsk – Ukrainian boarder”. Within the

town territory lies the regional motorway “Gukovo - Novoshakhtinsk”.

Gukovo is a North Caucasus Rail Way station. The town is crossed by a significant transportation line, branch line “Debaltsevo - Likhaya”, connecting the town with other parts of Rostov region - Likhaya, Zverevo and Ukraine. 15 km away from the town lies the trunk-railway “Moscow – Rostov-on-Don - Baku”.

The distance to the Rostov-on-Don airport and river port is 120 km, to the Azov seaport - 174 km, to the Taganrog seaport - 94 km.

Social sphere

Gukovo has a highly developed net of educational institutions. There are Institute of Economics and Law, Mining trade school, 2 trade schools, 15 schools, 2 children sport schools, 22 kindergartens.

Gukovo is known through out the country due to the racing track of the international level. In 1991 the Racing Federation of Russia introduced in Gukovo one of the motocross competition laps “Quiet Don”, since then , the racing championship is held in Gukovo every year.

Interesting places in Gukovo in the map of the region

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