Festival "The Siege of Azov 1641"

Saturday, August 3, 2019
2019-08-03T09:00:00 2019-08-03T10:00:00 Festival "The Siege of Azov 1641" The event is dedicated to the heroic defense of the Azov fortress by the Cossacks from the army of the Ottoman Empire. Azov


This festival is one of the most vivid and historically significant in the Azov region!

Every year the festival program a fascinating spectacle, the main one being dramatized reconstruction of the Battle of the Azov fortress between the Don Cossacks and the Turks of the Ottoman Empire, during which about 200 representatives of the military-historical clubs from Russia and the CIS countries demonstrate their ability to master melee weapons of the Middle Ages.

For the guests of the festival in the historical part of the city of Azov, there are various animation sites, master classes, interactive programs and souvenir fairs, evening shows and fireworks.

Cossacks, Don cuisine and Don wine are the main attributes of the tourist image of the Rostov region. In this regard, the festival of military history clubs dedicated to the Azov siege seat Don Cossacks in 1641 is one of the main tourist events in the Don, which is held in the framework of the regional tourism development program. In the days of the festival, both Russian guests and guests from the near abroad come to the city.

What attracts them? The significance of the event!

  1. The Azov seat marked the beginning of the formation of the Donskoi Great Army.
  2. Azov city - the oldest surviving cities in the Rostov region and the South of Russia, the historical significance which is evidenced by the fact that it is named in honor of Azov Sea (the only such example in the world).
  3. The well-known rampart is a preserved historical place of heroism of the Don Cossacks. This is the main condition for carrying out historical reconstruction.
  4. Popularization of cultural-historical (cognitive) and event-based tourism in the Rostov region.


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