Festival "Defense of Taganrog in 1855"

Friday, May 17, 2019 — Saturday, May 18, 2019
2019-05-17T09:00:00 2019-05-18T10:00:00 Festival "Defense of Taganrog in 1855" Reconstruction of the battle during the Crimean War of 1855. Taganrog


In front of viewers, journalists, photographers, the reconstructors literally revive the story and show the heroic events that took place in Taganrog during the Crimean War.

The festival is visited by tourists from different cities of the Rostov region, Moscow, and also from Europe.

In the Troops of the Troitskaya fortress (the so-called Petrovsky barracks, a monument of architecture of the late 18th century), citizens and guests of the city will be able to "move" in 1855. Participants of the festival try to recreate the historical realities of that time. The clothes of the civilians of the city, the militiamen, the uniforms of the French, the English are all sewn according to the epoch. Participants in military-historical clubs live in real old barracks. Here instead of modern furniture - bunk beds and rough wooden benches, and on the table a large samovar with a pipe. Even during training firing, reenactors depicting French officers give military commands in French.

Every year the show is brighter and more interesting. At the festival they try to show all kinds of troops, who somehow, participated in the Crimean campaign. Here, and allies of all arms, and the Russian army of all arms.

The festival "Defense of Taganrog in 1855" will be held for the third time. The goal is to remind about the unjustly forgotten heroic page in the history of the native city. During the Crimean War, Taganrog was a major port, supplies were brought from all over the region and supplied by the sea in the part of the regular army, to the places of major battles. All the cities on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov surrendered to the Anglo-French without a fight, and the enemy considered Taganrog an easy prey. It was a peaceful city: there were no troops, no guns. May 22, 1855 parliamentarians proposed to surrender the city with all property and warehouses. The Taganrogs responded with a refusal. Artillery 6.5 hours shelled the city from the sea, and then landing landed landing. But the Cossacks and militiamen repulsed the attack.

From the end of May 1855 to early September, the forces of militiamen and Cossacks repulsed three attempts to capture the city. Taganrogs showed examples of real courage. Peace inhabitants under the enemy's fire brought supplies to the defenders of the city, rescued the wounded and children. Priests during the bombings were conducted in the service temples and inspired the townspeople with their sermons. The nucleus after these shelling can still be seen in the walls of St. Nicholas Church. In consequence, for courage and heroism, Taganrog received from the emperor the "Tsar's diploma", was released for two years from taxes. Taganrogs were awarded orders and medals, including four of them with a silver medal "For Bravery". Anisya Liadova, who repeated the feat of Daria Sevastopolskaya, - with the medal "For zeal". 163 volunteer militiamen received medals "In Memory of the War of 1853-1856" on the Andreevsky Ribbon, officials of the Taganrog City Government - the same medals on the Vladimir Ribbon, and the city clergy - pectoral crosses "In Memory of the War of 1853-1856."

At the festival nothing was invented, and what was really happening in the history of the city was reconstructed. It shows the heroic spirit of our ancestors and historical truth - as it was in 1855. During the festival, schools, universities, museums are involved. Literally, the whole city becomes one big site dedicated to the Crimean War.


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Здравствуйте. Раньше фестиваль проходил осенью. Теперь же он проходит в мае и совпадает по датам с Каяльскими чтениями. Но я бы хотела попасть на оба мероприятия.

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