The Don Vine - 2018

Saturday, September 29, 2018 — Sunday, September 30, 2018
2018-09-29T09:00:00 2018-09-30T10:00:00 The Don Vine - 2018 The best viticulture and winemaking facilities of the Rostov region are waiting for you. In the center of attention: Don wine, fruits of autumn harvest, honey, souvenirs, grape whistles, interactive platforms and animations, rallies and quests. Pukhlyakovskiy, Ust-Donetsk region

Pukhlyakovskiy, Ust-Donetsk region

The holiday "Don Vine" is dedicated to the Don traditions of viticulture and winemaking and is timed to harvest. The place of the festival is not chosen randomly: the Puhlyakovskiy farm since its foundation in the XVIII century is the center of winemaking.
Every autumn, according to tradition, winemaking farms of the whole Don represent the best samples of their products. Guests of the holiday are treated to Don wine and drinks, celebrating winemakers and local chefs.

This is one of the most beloved and popular events for residents and guests of the Don region! In 2017 the festival was visited by a record number of guests - 22 thousand people! The holiday became widely known not only in the Rostov region, but also far beyond its borders: visitors from Kuban and Stavropol, from the Voronezh region and St. Petersburg, as well as tourists from other countries come to Pukhlyakovskiy.


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