Don traditions

    In Russia there are a lot of regions having ancient history, which are famous for the sights and original traditions, unique ethnographic and folklore programs, various natural landscapes, environmentally friendly vacation spots, hospitality and hospitality of inhabitants! The Rostov region takes among them a special place...
    The Rostov region is inseparably linked with nice history of Vseveliky Army Don. The history of the Don Cossacks is a history of continuous fight on steppe open spaces of the southern boundaries of the Russian state. On a trope of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy, "the border generated the Cossacks, and Cossacks created Russia". The Don Cossacks made a big contribution to history of the state Russian, mastering huge steppe open spaces, protecting the southern borders of the country, taking part in all military companies XVII-XX of centuries of Russia, enriching the Russian culture with the Cossack color and traditions. Fidelity to the homeland, the orthodox belief, skillful knowledge of the weapon, selfless bravery, brotherly mutual assistance, a dashing fancy riding, diligence, fervent songs and dancings, hospitality and hospitality were the characteristic features of the Don Cossacks which glorified Army Don is far outside Russia.
   The descendants of the Don Cossacks living now not only in Russia but also on all continents, kept the best traditions of the ancestors and now increase their nice affairs...


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