Tourist Memo

Dear Tourist!

You have a wonderful opportunity to take rest from drab existence and get positive experience, enjoying your excursion. An excursion combines a bus and a foot way of travel. To make sure you enjoy your leisure time, we offer you the following tips:

1. Try to come to the place of your group gathering in advance, after a 15-minute wait the bus will be on its way to excursion.

2. Note: Do not hurry while boarding the bus, be patient. If you do not feel well while traveling, take the seats nearest to the exit. In case you feel worse, please, notify the guide at the first symptoms of feeling unwell.

3. To ensure your safety, please, do not walk in the bus, smoke or distract driver’s attention with questions while the bus is moving.

4. To ensure your comfort, please, commit no nuisance while staying in the bus.

5. You will have to walk during a part of the excursion, so, please, wear comfortable clothing and footwear.

6. The route will take about 3-5 hours, so, please, bring certain sum of money, drinking water and something to eat with you.

7. At the site of excursion you can buy some souvenirs, reminding you of the pleasant journey.

8. During the whole route you will be accompanied by a professional guide, who will lead the excursion, answer all of your questions and solve any problem situation.

If you follow this simple rules you are sure to get wonderful experience!

Have a safe journey!

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