Reasons to visit the Rostov region

We know several reasons why you should visit the Rostov region. These advantages and traditions of the Rostov region will make your holiday unforgettable.

дон ростовская область


1. You must see the ancient treasures of the Don steppes!

They can be seen in the Rostov Regional Museum of Local History at the exhibition "Treasures of the Don Steppes", which presents more than 12 thousand rare exhibits of IV century BC - IV century AD.

азовский музей азовский музей азовский музей

But the largest and the most unique collection of precious metals you can meet at the Azov Historical, Archaeological and Paleontological Museum-Reserve. The collection includes more than 25 thousand items of the main fund, in which the exposition "Treasures of the nomads of Eurasia" - more than 16,5 thousand objects (III Millennium BC - XIV centuries AD). Most of them do not have analogues in the world.

азовский музей

2. You need to get acquainted with Don Cossacks' traditions!

The Rostov Cossacks preserved ancient Cossack villages: Starocherkasskaya, Romanovskaya, Razdorskaya, Melikhovskaya, Vyoshenskaya, Karginskaya, Elanskaya, Elizavetinskaya - and hamlets: Kruzhilinsky, Pukhlyakovskiy.

традиции казаков традиции казаков традиции казаков

Here you can be admitted to the Cossacks and trested to their local dishes. You can participate in ShermizahCossack celebration and hear a special accent and songs.


3. You should to touch the Cossacks' shrines!

From time immemorial, the spiritual core of the Cossacks was Orthodoxy. The majestic temples and military cathedrals that adorn the villages and hamlets are the spiritual centers through which education, morality, and culture developed; they kept relics and shrines.

Вознесенский собор Иконостас Воскресенский собор Собор в Старочеркасске

4. You will enjoy by the power of the river Quiet Don!

Quiet Flows the Don is the center of power and the river of impressions. Touch the water of the Don river and it will make you feel like part of an endless life stream.

Река Дон

5. To feel the strength of free wind and the freshness of the seaside at the Azov Sea beaches!

The coast of the Azov Sea has always been a favorite resort for a huge number of people.

It turns out that you should not go to distant lands, to fashionable resorts. After all, there are unique health resorts of the Azov Sea near you.


Азовское море Азовское море Азовское море

The landscape of the north of the region, hilly and rugged by rivers and beams, gradually turns to the south into a flat plain, which gently disappears in the waves of the extraordinary Azov Sea. Small, warm, shallow depth, rich in its biological content, the Sea of ​​Azov enchants with its unique beauty, its charm and tremendous attractive force are everywhere felt

6. You need to breathe in fragrance of steppe herbs and see the vast expanses of uncharted nature in the protected areas of the Don!

Main environmental pathways of the Rostov region are located in the State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Rostovskiy". The total area of ​​its buffer zone is more than 74 thousand hectares (Orlovsky district). More than 200 species of birds, 410 species of plants, such as Shrenk Tulip, feather grass, dwarf iris, and other types from the Red Book of the Rostov region are noted here.

Лошади на острове Водном

There is a herd of wild horses in Vodnyi island. People call them the Don Mustangs. You can visit the ecological trails "Mysteries of Manych valley", "Azure flowers" and "Don Mustangs" from April to June and from September to November.

7. You must to taste the unique traditional regional dish Donskaya Ukha (Fish soup of Cossacks)!

In the Rostov region the Don-father flows through 14 cities and districs and each of them serves its own unique recipe of the Donskaya Ukha (Don fish soup).

8. To visit the homeland of the Russian grapes in the Valley of the Don and feel the taste and aroma of local varieties of grapes. Learn the recipe for making wine by the old Cossacks' way.

Don valley unites a private winery and cheese dairies: "Chateau Elbuzd" (Azov district), "Village of Tsymlynskaya" (Tsymlyansk), "Estate of Sarkel" (Sarkel village), "Vila Zvezda" (Malaya Martynovka village).

Local sorts of grapes are Krasnotop Zolotovskiy, Black Tsymlynskaiy, Plechistik, Sibirkoviy, White Kumshatskiy, Varuyshkin.


9.  You need to see and enjoy numerous festivals and holidays!

You'll be met with the soul, treated generously and given unforgetable impressions at numerous festivals and holidays in Rostov region.

10. You must to get acquainted with the hospitable and sinsere people!

They love nature, have passion for discoveries, boundless devotion to their Motherland.


The Rostov region is a sports region, there is increased security, a lot of traditions and friendly peoples, an incredible history and an amazing culture!





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