About the region

Rostov Region is the land of rich and glorious Russian history, generous nature, original Cossack culture, talented and hospitable people. The region is located in the southeast of the European part of Russia, in the basin of the lower Don.

The region was formed on September 13, 1937. The area of ​​the region is more than 100 thousand square meters. km.

The administrative center - the city of Rostov-on-Don (whose population is over 1 million people) is a large industrial, cultural and scientific center, an important junction in which the largest land and water transport routes intersect.

Political and social stability, commonwealth of more than 100 nationalities inhabiting the Don land, turned the Rostov region into one of the most dynamically developing regions of the Russian Federation.

Tourists, traveling through the region, get acquainted with the richest historical past and modernity of the steppe region, its sights, poetic legends and the uniqueness of the Don Cossacks.

The Don region is a land of picturesque nature, original culture and rich spiritual traditions. Due to its scientific and creative potential, it stands among the first among the regions of Russia. Rostov region is famous for a large number of monuments of the history of culture and nature reserves, many of which have the status of nature monuments of federal and regional significance.

The atmosphere of the region is permeated with beauty, fantasy, art. In the Don museums unique collections of finds from gold of the Scythian-Sarmatian period are collected, an excellent ethnographic collection representing the diversity of national cultures of the Don region, objects of Cossack life, paintings of famous painters of the XVIII-XX centuries.

It has long been believed that the guest is happy on the Don. Do you want to organize an official dinner, or do you prefer a relaxed dinner atmosphere with friends, whether you want to try delicious local cuisine or prefer gourmet cuisine - cooks and cooks will pleasantly surprise with their skill and feed you always fresh, carefully prepared, properly balanced and exceptionally delicious food.

Your idea of ​​a wonderful holiday can be quite simple: poblazhestvovat in nature, enjoy the masterpieces of local cuisine, relax in the hotel room.

In addition, the Don Region is rich in various interesting places and attractions that attract tourists. Rybakov is attracted by the Don river, rich in its fish stocks, and local lore - Sholokhov places located in the north of the region. Some of the tourists travel to the Azov Sea to relax on the sunny beaches and swim in the sea. Others are attracted by history and culture - whether it is the excavations of the ancient Greek town of Tanais, the Armenian culture of the village of Chaltyr or Chekhov's places in Taganrog.

It is here that art and nature form a single whole, giving rise to the warmest feelings and carrying away worldly worries.

Welcome to the Don Land!

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