The most beautiful student of Russia will be chosen in Rostov on November 16

05 November 2019

“The Beauty of Russian Students” is the largest project in the field of talent for students in the country, where beauty is presented as a combination of spiritual, intellectual, sports qualities, creative abilities and external data of the participants. The competition has been held since 2014 as part of the Student Support and Development Program “Russian Student Spring”. The competition is organized by the Russian Youth Union and the government of the Rostov Region.

Qualifying competitions are held in all universities of the country at the moment, the winners of which will come to the Don capital. 50 girls from 34 regions of Russia will take part in the competition, including the wonderful representatives of the Rostov region - Anna Korzhak, Anastasia Huseynova, Irina Zabubenina and Daria Tolchina. The official opening of the competition on November 13, the award ceremony will take place on November 16.

Don beauties the most attractive girls in Russia - this is a common truth. Our compatriots confirm it at almost all beauty contests. For example, girls from the Rostov region won three beauty contests on a federal and global scale only this spring.

The fact that there are many beautiful girls in the region has a special belief. According to him, Tsar Peter I sent to the Don 1000 the most beautiful girls from all over Russia to get married here. When the caravan reached the coast, the Cossacks took them as wives. Cossacks were born, from them an unusually beautiful clan went - both men and women. Judging by what can be seen on the streets of Rostov, the legend has a right to exist. It is very easy to meet a man who marvels at the charm and beauty of Rostov girls.



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