Rostov region is participating in the competition for the best tourist destination

30 October 2019

National Geographic Traveler Magazine completes the vote for the best travel destinations among the most popular leisure activities —National Geographic Traveler Awards 2019.

Online voting takes place in 24 main categories: “Russian Adventure Vacation”, “Russian Ethnic Vacation”, “Russian Ski Vacation”, “Russian Wellness Vacation”, “Russian Gastronomic Tourism”, “Russian Resort Hotel”, “Best Travel Bloggers","Discovery of the Year", "Wellness Holidays", "Best Cruises", etc.

Three special nominations appeared this year. One of them talks about the Golden Ring of the Bosporus Kingdom route, which was included in the top 10 priority projects of the year by the Federal Tourism Agency. Rostov Region is a participant in this project, which received federal status at the Investment Forum in Sochi.

You can vote on the journal website:


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