Gastronomic festival "Tastes of the Don" will be held on October 13

08 October 2019

We invite you to the grand gastronomic event of the fall, which will be held in the ethnic complex “Kumzha”.

Ethnic complex “Kumzha” is a cultural, educational and tourist center located in a picturesque historical place and combining the Don’s open-air museum of live history, a stable, fisheries, as well as a restaurant serving traditional Don cuisine.

The complex is located within the city of Rostov-on-Don on the territory of 10 hectares, in an ecologically clean area with a picturesque landscape and unique ancient history. The natural features of the place, the beauty and freedom of the Cossack steppe create a unique atmosphere of unity with nature.

The heart of the ethnic complex “Kumzha” is a Cossack village with a church, a square - Maidan and 25 traditional dwellings of the Don Cossacks. It was created as a movie decoration for the filming of a feature film about the life of the legendary Don Ataman M.I. Platova. All the buildings of the village are used by the method of reproducing a living history, that is, as close as possible to their original functional purpose. The main goal of this object is the preservation, revival and popularization of the original folk, religious, military, architectural, craft and economic traditions of the Cossacks of the Lower Don, the restoration of rituals, the study of the life and life of the Lower Don Cossacks.

The festival will set a new record - the biggest Don drink! 1000 liters of seasoned berries with seasonal berries in a large cauldron on the territory of the village! Come to set a record together.

Also at the festival will be presented six national cuisines in the food court area:

  •     Korean food
  •     Georgian cuisine
  •     Armenian cuisine
  •     Ukrainian food
  •     Jewish cuisine
  •     Greek cuisine

In the program of the festival:

  •     Interactive platforms from partners
  •     Children's area with workshops and games
  •     Performances by national groups
  •     Cover - band and disco
  •     Prizes and gifts
  •     Show programs and tame animals!

Spend the last warm days with your family at the festival! Take away a lot of emotions and cool photos.

Free admission.

Address: Rostov-on-Don, st. Kumzhenskaya 1g.

Beginning at 12-00, ending 18-00.



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