The First Tourist Forum “Open the Free Don!” took place in Rostov-on-Don

03 December 2018

Impressions of the World Cup which took place in Russia in the summer of 2018 should be extended as long as possible. The main thing is to learn to look at yourself from the outside, to move forward, and don’t hesitate to look beyond the horizons. This is the opinion of the tourism industry experts, who attended the first tourist forum “Open the Free Don!” organized by the regional Ministry of Economic Development in Rostov-on-Don.

Experts with years of experience in the tourism industry and newcomers who will eventually work under the new marketing strategy and double the tourist flow in the Don Region gathered here. Federal experts in the field of territories and tourism promotion from the Crimea, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg discussed with the forum participants the possibility of the newest technologies and techniques adoption, shared best practices, disclosed secrets of promotion of regional tourism products, shared their experience in the improvement of tourist service quality.

Natalia Evnevich, Chairman of the Management Board of the Concord group of companies, an expert in the field of business tourism industry, noted the huge tourism potential of the Rostov Region and called on the industry experts to implement large-scale projects on the Don territory.

“Rostov was highlighted by the World Cup. It feels like you got an incredible drive” – she said during the forum. – “It is clear that you burn with new achievements, wait for stunning experiences of the work performed. Don’t be afraid of planning projects with the all-Russian agenda. The Rostov Region already has everything for this purpose.”

New trends are the main forum features. They were discussed without a break during master classes and strategic sessions. The event tourism is typical for the Rostov Region. The gastronomy destination was worked out. The next things on the agenda are the promotion of the interregional tourism ideas, weekend tourism, and attraction of transit tourists to the recreation in the region.

It is important to note that many of plans have already been implemented. Recently, the Dry River route has been developed. This is an allegoric name of the “M-4 Don” highway which is passed thorough by up to 100 thousand cars per day in peak seasons. Along it, tourists can experience great places for recreation and entertainment, stories, legends, authentic cuisine, and beautiful landscapes. At the beginning of the next year, the global route “Golden ring of the Bosporan Kingdom” will be opened. This project comprises monuments related to the history of Bosporus located in fifteen cities of the southern regions, including the Rostov Region.

By the way, this particular route will be included in the new mobile application “Russian Guest Card”. This was told by Elena Yurchenko, the representative of the Ministry of resorts and tourism of the Republic of Crimea. She chose the forum “Open the Free Don!” to present this messenger.

The application allows tourists choosing the tourist products at discounted prices, become aware of free destinations, book hotels online, create own routes, plan navigation, get interesting and useful information. The product is available in all languages of the world, which makes it attractive to foreign tourists.

Another exclusive thing of the forum was the news of the launching of the pilot advertising project “Weekend in the Free Don” created jointly with the Azimut airline company and the Federal Internet resource “Afisha-restaurants”. Everyone who likes to travel around Russia and discover new gastronomic specialties of the territories could become a participant of the drawing, results of which were summarized last week. Spouses from Moscow became the winners. They are going to arrive in the Rostov Region tomorrow to spend an unforgettable weekend in the Free Don.

“The forum is like the first level of a huge block of the work performed.” – Minister of Economic Development of the Rostov Region, Maksim Papushenko, said at the final session. – “It is essential to determine if we move in the right direction and what needs to be corrected. Together with experts, the teams of municipal administrations of the Novocherkassk, Starocherkassk, Azov, Aksai, Taganrog, Rostov, Sholokhov Districts and other territories were worked out here. We discussed ideas and projects for cities and rural districts, examined the hospitality standards and best practices. The forum lasting many days allowed us summing up the results and getting a feedback and became an impact for new achievements, such as export and promotion of our services to foreign markets.”


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