The multimedia historical park “Russia is my history” has opened in the Rostov-on-Don

15 October 2018

The opening of the historic park took place on October 14 in Rostov-on-Don.

Governor Vasily Golubev cut a symbolic ribbon, starting the work of a multimedia interactive museum, and together with the first visitors passed through its halls.

The head of the region congratulated the Rostovites and the creators of the museum on the appearance of a modern historical object in the Don capital.

    - The implementation of this unique program “Russia is my history” on the territory of the Russian Federation is the initiative of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The building of a complex in Rostov proceeded with intensive enough steps. And how great it is that now the opportunity to see what events have happened in our homeland from century to century. As a result, the mighty state of Russia appeared, how many fates were laid in it, how Russia got up from its knees when it was difficult for it. It's great that today there are a lot of young people. We have built what will work for future generations, - said Vasily Golubev.

It is important, the governor believes, that the regional component is very vividly represented in the Don Museum. The exhibitions held here will cover regional themes, including the history of the Cossacks and the culture of the Don. And this, in the opinion of the head of the region, will be interesting not only to the residents of the Don, but also to the guests.

No less interesting, continued Vasily Golubev, that the constantly changing content was laid in the new museum, the exposure will constantly change. This may be the history of the Don Cossacks, the history of the culture of the Don, and the exposition will also change on the history of the Russian State, the history of the Armed Forces.

The newest forms of information carriers help to embody these ideas: touch tables and screens, projectors and tablets. Visual solutions of multimedia exposures are in many respects innovative, created using video-infographics, animation, 3D-modeling, digital reconstructions.


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